We are a nation of Big Ideas- I propose the craziest.

We are a nation that has undertaken incredible feats of engineering- we have developed a complex telecommunications system, the Hoover Dam, countless record-breaking bridges… So before reading further, and asking the “but but buts”… Open your mind to the idea of the greatest economic stimulus program ever-An international “power” pipeline.

McCain has pressed the idea of using everything under the sun (and hell, that gaseous giant too) to power our future.Suppose we take it a step further.Suppose WE propose a plan that could employ possibly millions of people.Wind in the Midwest/Southwest. Solar in the Southwest and the Artic (land of the Midnight Sun, and come on- you cant tell me we cant create cold-resistant solar cells). Geothermal power in the Northwest and Alaska (Ring of Fire, anyone?). Tidal and hydroelectric along our Pacific Coastline. Clean coal and nuclear up and down the western United States. Creating a new grid, and a new energy network, that extends literally from the tip of Alaska to the Mexican border.An engineering project that, with good foreign relations and major feats of engineering, can expand westward PAST the Bering Strait, down through eastern Siberia and NE China. Lets face it- the Far East is rapidly catching up to us- and their energy demands have exploded… A truly multinational steroid-injected super-highway of energy that would employ (permanantly)- millions of people along the route- Substations and Power Stations needing thousands to operate them, personnel needed to be hired to maintain lines, particularly in the roughs of the NW and Alaska on our end. Blue Collar/White Collar/Oily Collar, all there. And on our end, these are jobs that wont disappear.Demanding this vision to become a reality, challenging the rest of the country to jump on board, could give our side an even bigger boost- more so since it is feasible, albeit mindblowingly massive. And this WITHOUT the government funding it- private businesses will be more than ready to jump on the opportunity.

Now, I know we sort of have lines and stations and yada yada yada already- beef it up. We always need more power. If the Bering Gap could be closed (and thats a big if), we could help feed even more power to the up-and-coming superpower of China.

Doesnt this make us vulnerable? Why would we want to enable the Chinese and the Russians and endanger our own position in the world? We aren’t- its good business that will draw all interested in making a buck. A massive powersupply that has all parties interested both as consumers and producers could further stabalize our sometimes questionable relations with the Peoples Republic of China, and could help take Putins mind somewhat off eating Europe alive- when instead he can charge his Eastern neighbors equally predatory rates for electricity.

There are numerous problems and challenges with my vision. Its massive. Its sketchy. A lot of people would oppose it on various grounds. It requires interstate and international cooperation.But its a Big Idea that if we could get working would really, really kick our economy in the ass AND make my SCE bill go down a few hundred bucks- and I’ve been eyeing 22s for my 87 volvo station wagon…

So, any engineers/etc out there with some ideas that could get this rolling?(or perhaps I should stick to Election Projections, but heck, no data, so all I have time to do is think…)