ELECTION PROJECTION HIATUS (and a plea to RedStaters)

As I feel it is foolish to even update a projection in the middle of two conventions’ conflicting bounces, I will, unless otherwise noted, refrain from any updates to my projections until (at the earliest) Tuesday of next week. Polling data from the swing states will only begin to reflect the real winner next week (and methinks thats why PPP, Razzy, Susa, Zomgsby, and the rest have refrained from state by state polling).

That being said, from here on out polling data will be roaring in, just when my day job picks up for the year.Pollster.com has been pretty helpful in collecting data, but polls will be released SO quickly and so frequently I will be missing a few of them here and there.Starting probably September 15th I will attempt to update projections every other day. If you notice a poll that may have slipped under the radar (read- not from Rasmussen, PPP, Mason Dixon, Survey USA, or Quinnipiac), feel free to email it to me, along with the crosstabs, to [email protected] .

States to look for next week- all of the biggies:Ohio (expect every polling firm to release post convention)VirginiaColoradoPennsylvaniaNew HampshireAlaskaNevadaNew MexicoFloridaMichiganMinnesotaIowaWisconsin

Looking forward to crunching the numbers again!