The Bully at the Pulpit

0bama shows his sociopathic tendencies once again. He was bullied when young and now he has immense power and wants revenge (punish your enemies). Look at how he has treated the UK, who he imagines mistreated his father, who in turn took advantage of and lied to and mistreated everyone around him (the nut didn’t fall far from the tree). Look at how barry has treated citizens of our country who have been affected by the disasters, but live in a state that did not vote for his highness. Lost jobs and homes? Broken families? Illness and stress? It’s no problem for 0-baka. He’s got AF1 to take him to play golf and neverending vacays while m00ch fills the WH with par-tays and food. What – me worry?

Now 0bama is being pressured more than his childish psyche can bear. He strikes out at those who are helpless – seniors and veterans, threatening them with loss of income. He enjoyed making those threats to squeeze and hurt people to make them do his bidding, just like a sociopathic bully. He does not care as long as he gets his way. He and the m00ch are peas (word play intended) in a pod. Their hate for the US is unlimited by conscience.

A Real American President in a time of crisis would be reassuring seniors and veterans that he/she will do everything possible to make sure they receive their checks, and then work to fulfill the promise. So much for the decades old propaganda that the D party is the party of the poor and helpless. That it is proven a sham once again, yet they still vote for the party of Destruction shows just how deep the propaganda brainwashing has gone.

If somehow 0bama plays his game and manages to stop or delay seniors and veterans checks, it would be wonderful if conservatives, Tea Partiers and Republicans, along with any D-words that are appalled at what barry is doing, stepped up and made sure that every senior and veteran was cared for. Wouldn’t it be perfect for us to say “See, the petulant child tried to bully us but we aren’t having any of it. We are the people who truly care about this country and we know how to fix it, how to provide an environment that creates jobs. We know how to cut waste and mismanagement. We know how important your health care is to you and we will return the system to you and your health care professional.” Of course the msm will give us nothing but crickets but the message can be pushed out there by our alternative media. Think of the crushing blow to the Democrats! It could be decades before they ever get their hands on the presidency again.

0bama is a vindictive childish cretin for making bullying threats to seniors and veterans.

Frog marching him out of the WH has got to be job #1.