Track the trackers!

Another sign of the left’s frustration and desperation in trying to block the tsunami expected to wash them out, they have started a new website to try to uncover evidence of racism at Tea Party events. Interesting because they have been charging racism at the Tea Party (and anyone else who dares not agree with the left) for months now, and are finally admitting they have no evidence of their charges. It must be difficult to keep up with their “Big Lie” when it’s not working and there is no proof they can pull out of their . . . hats!

Sponsored by the NAACP, Think Progress, New Left Media and Media Matters (the usual suspects) they are encouraging their followers to go to Tea Party events and photograph/video evidence they so desperately seek. They are also looking for blog entries, t-shirts, ‘gotcha’ interviews and any other straw in the wind they can grasp to show that it isn’t mainstream Americans that support the Tea Party. I dislike giving press to such a website but I submit we must add it to our watch lists – someone has to watch these alleged watchers who are likely to manufacture evidence when no real evidence can be found. (it’s teapartytracker.org).

They say they will “monitor racism and other forms of extremism within the Tea Party movement”. In other words, they don’t suspect, but they think they know they will find something to back up their phony baloney claims. This to me means tricks and gotchas will be liberally (pun very much intended) employed. Insert Mel Brooks’ famous line in Blazing Saddles “gentlemen – we must protect our phony baloney jobs!”. I suppose by using Blazing Saddles, this diary may be among the first to make the tracker! I will note, however, that the movie was released in 1974 and at the time was hailed by almost everyone for its humor and the ridicule it poked at those with bigoted minds.

Of course, if a conservative group monitors any group on the left, you know the smear that would be spread quickly. The reality, ever so variable by those of left-leaning persuasion, is instantly transformed to what the left requires to feed the smoke-and-mirrors machines.

Being in the lead is not an easy job. As the 0bama regime has discovered, a fortune won is easily quickly lost. They wasted their 2008 political inheritance and are now suffering the hangover. Elections do have consequences.

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