A Dim View

0bama has time to go on The View where all he did was campaign for himself, but then, that’s about all he knows how to do. I doubt if anyone expected anything different to come of it.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, his regime is run by tax cheats, crooks and incompetent morons, but 0bama doesn’t care. His party will be voted out of control of Congress in November but 0bama doesn’t care. 0bama fields softball questions from his small gallery of sycophants while our soldiers die in Afghanistan but he doesn’t care. Millions of people have lost their jobs, their homes and savings but 0bama doesn’t care. Iran and N. Korea are stirring up trouble but 0bama doesn’t care. Our allies are unhappy with us but 0bama doesn’t care. His socialist policies have run up the national debt much faster than Bush ever did, but 0bama doesn’t care. Senior citizens don’t know if they will have health care because of his damage to our health care system, but 0bama doesn’t care. The Boy Scouts celebrate their 100th year and the president is the honorary president of the Scouts – 0bama dumps them to go on this TV show, a missed opportunity to honor a hundred years of history of character building but 0bama doesn’t care. Millions of illegals are in the country flooding our hospitals, committing crimes, soaking up our tax dollar supported socialist programs and taking our jobs while the president of Mexico laughs but 0bama does nothing because he doesn’t care. On the Gulf Coast thousands of people face an uncertain future, but 0bama stole $20B from BP that will never get to those who have suffered losses (the money will go into his slush fund where it will be used to support what is left over from ACORN’s little nuts and the corrupt unions that support him) and 0bama doesn’t care. Hundreds of auto dealerships were forced to close putting thousands people out of work, many on Main Street USA and 0bama doesn’t care.

His party has given us the most corrupt Congressional swamp we’ve ever had, but 0bama doesn’t care. 0bama has displaced Jimmy Carter as the worst president in history, but he isn’t concerned except as it detracts from his legacy.

In spite of all his self-serving rhetoric – which has never solved one single problem in 19 months of his bloviating – 0bama does not care at all about America. He only cares about himself. He’s in love with himself. He does like being president, working on his golf game, having a hamburger with the Russian president, issuing nonessential apologies to the world and taking lots of vacations at taxpayer expense while millions are out of work. The phrase “I won’t rest” is now a national joke while 0bama’s cabinet lives in mortal fear of Glen Beck. 0bama can’t or won’t make decisions and when he does they are the wrong decisions, so he blames everyone else in a futile attempt to cover his own blunders. 0bama cannot be trusted to tell the truth, but again he is indifferent.

0bama has helped his own party less than he has helped revitalize the Republican Party. If the Democrats were really as smart as they think they are, they would wake up and join the Republicans in a real bipartisan reform to impeach 0bama and remove him from office, repeal the economic disasters of the health care and financial bills, secure our borders and begin to resolve the illegal immigration problems, and get our country on the road to real economic recovery.