Will Bill make 0bama a job offer - that can't be refused?

It is painfully obvious even without the use of a tinfoil hat with antennae that 0bama has been the beneficiary of some powerful back room string pulling. Exactly what that power is we can endlessly speculate but it has been obscured and will make fascinating reading some day, if we don’t wind up in a totalitarian state where history is carefully rewritten in soft baa’s for the sheep.

But are the occupants of the smoke filled room pleased with what they have wrought to date? To some extent they might be, but probably think that things should have been better (from their viewpoint) by now. They can’t be very happy with the problems the Democrats are now faced with to stay in power. I understand how some academic may think up a complicated plan to “fall behind” and then “slingshot” back to the top. These complicated plans are also risky plans when there are so many uncontrollable variables, especially variables they feel should have under control by now. I postulate that the back room denizens are not happy that they can’t hang up a big “Mission Accomplished” banner and pass out cigars. Their first four years of the expected 40 years of the country wandering through the leftist desert are not going according to plan. I can’t believe they are pleased with 0bama’s performance – even if he was just following the pulls on his strings. A scapegoat may be required along with a realignment to head fake the public to cover the direction they intend to keep a wary voter populace moving.

Their questions are likely similar to the ones that I have read with rapt attention in diaries here: Can 0bama govern, or if I may re-phrase ‘how long will 0bama be allowed to pretend to govern’? I’m not saying he’s governing, just that from their view is the horse going lame and would they be better off changing horses? Yes, even in midstream – if the horse can’t swim. Big money and big power demand results and they don’t like cleaning up unwieldy messes all the time, or hear the thundering clang of the door to failure.

Their decision has not been made yet and probably can’t be made until the morning after November 2, 2010. Somewhere in that smoke filled back room (they actually had those in Mayor Richard J. Daley’s day in Chicago), the puppetmasters behind Comrade 0bama’s rapid ascendancy and equally spiraling descent are likely having this discussion from their viewpoint. Should they kick 0 to the curb, risking the riots that Al and the black caucus would subtly (or not) threaten? Or would the puppetmasters understand that the black vote may kick and scream real loud and may even require National Guard action for awhile but who are they going to vote for when the shouting dies down? If they believe Bill claim has legitimate claim to the title of being the ‘first black president’ and he’s one of the people in the smoke filled back room – or has a strong representative in there – he may send the message that he can pour oil on the troubled waters if HRC is plugged in to replace a failing 0bama regime unable to accomplish anything for its remaining (originally planned) six years. There may be other black leaders to help – Rev. Wright says he has bus tire tracks on his back, Jesse who once voiced that he would neuter 0bama.

The Chicago mob (apologies to the real Chicago Mob) of Rahmbo and others will make a lot of noise but their future isn’t welded to 0bama’s, it’s only Velcro’d and they can be bought in the Chicago fashion with offers of jobs. I’d nominate Rahmbo to be the shower attendant in the Capitol Congressional shower rooms, handing out soap and towels and mopping the floors. But I digress. BHO might be penciled in for the next Supremes opening.

How many times have the Clintons been written off politically – and are we about to see their phoenix rise yet again? Yes, they make mistakes like being unprepared for the string-pullers giving the nod to 0bama. I’ve still figured the Clintons to be watching carefully and patiently for their moment to pounce and they may even be surprised to be able to think about it so quickly – or maybe they knew and predicted it, or helped to engineer it the way it turned out. Whether we might think it’s the right thing for them to do or not, they have their own lens through which they see. They will carefully explore and evaluate every bit of data available through it. We can speculate – it is both fun and necessary to do so – about what the powers that be will do, but unless we know their measurement criteria and timeline is, we cannot conclusively determine what they will do.

Even if the likelihood seems low, we should not discount HRC’s ambitions and feeling of entitlement for the top job. I second what has been said here on several comments, that HRC is even more dangerous than 0bama but can be defeated (even with Bill turning on all his charm) but she will be harder to beat than a seriously weakened 0bama presidency. I agree with many here who say our priority is to keep our focus on November but here and the conservative leadership must strategize about the possibilities that may jump on us shortly thereafter.