Note from a news junkie

It appears the MSM is becoming more shrill and obvious (if that’s possible) with their support of Obama and the Democrat left. Even though they are unsettled with the Obama administration’s increasingly going direct to the public they will continue to support Obama and his minions with every spin they can muster.

We see Obama and his water carriers Holder, Geithner, Napolitano, Sebelius, Reid, Pelosi et al constantly getting a pass on their incompetence and ideological blindness, while every opportunity to insult Tea Partiers and conservatives is taken with enthusiasm and there’s no innuendo or false accusation left behind.

Meanwhile, MSM market share and ratings continue to decline and they can’t seem to be able to figure out why. They blame everyone else – but the answer is right in the mirror in front of themselves.

The answer is the MSM has forgotten who their real customer is. They act like their customer is the Obama administration. But it’s not – it is the people on Main Street who buy the newspapers, decide which news broadcast to watch, which news magazine to subscribe. That’s who the customer is, and where the money comes from. Yes, I know it’s the advertising buyers that provide the money, but the ad rates are supported by the ratings and the newspapers and magazines sold.

This is something that is obvious to any small business owner, every salesman, everyone who has to depend on the customer returning to purchase again. You have to supply what the customer wants to be able to stay in business. And the customer doesn’t want government syrup poured over everything – which is true regardless of the administration in power, left, right or center. The customer wants the news, presented complete, not the freshman journalism school student level of product being offered. Yes there is also an appetite for editorializing, but in the MSM there is no clear line drawn between opinion and news. That’s intellectual fakery, the customers know it and they are tuning out. And although there are some customers that like it as it is, in reality they are just a noisy minority.

The MSM acts as if making Obama and the Democrats happy is their ultimate goal in life and their customers should be happy with what they get. Of course Obama’s not going to lecture them otherwise. So the MSM pays no attention to their real customer and in doing so they are cooking themselves up a big steaming bowl of No Good.