If we don't have it, you don't need it: The Obama News Bureau

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The MSM was a valuable Obama ally in 2008, covering up Obama mishaps and (what should have been) clues, all the while pressing an overwhelming attack/smear front that made the McCain/Palin camp feel like the 7th Cavalry at Little Big Horn.

This should be no surprise, as the MSM has been the private lap dancers for the Democrat left for many years. But recently the MSM has been nervous about the Obama administration controlling the news by going direct to the public. At MSNBC, Andrea Mitchell commented that the WH is “crossing a number of lines here” by going around the MSM and direct to the public. Gibbs, et al, are turning to Twitter, YouTube and other social networking outlets. The MSM also knows that this administration will selectively close them out of events without advance notice or explanation. The Obama crowd is clearly excited about getting their spin out there without using a media filter, even a slobbering, hero worshipping co-dependent filter. Combine that with Obama’s knee-jerk fear of any news or commentary that is not favorable to him and the MSM should be concerned.

The Obamanites also see that MSM readership/viewers has been on a downward slide similar to the “American jobs lost” graph. Much of this is because Americans fully understand that the news isn’t really the “news” any more, it is editorial hit pieces wrapped up as current events, while at the same time we are becoming more attuned to internet news, blogs, videos, etc. BTW, as a side note, the decline of newsprint in your recycling bin is becoming a problem for toilet paper manufacturers, as they use it in their product. I will leave the puns and jokes to the reader’s imagination.

The Obama herd has figured out that trying to get their spin going quickly through the MSM isn’t working as well as it used to. The new media is tailor-made for an administration that doesn’t want anyone looking too hard at the news flowing from the tap. You know, like trying to verify almost anything Obama says is the truth.

So now the MSM has a problem. They can’t turn against Obama or the left – they won’t become conservatives overnight. That’s something that will take a revolution at the journalism schools. But the MSM is being scorned by their former lover. What to do?

They should have known that’s the way it is with socialists. They will flirt, charm, tell you how wonderful it will be (USSR, the workers paradise, or 30 million people will now get health insurance, etc.). So the MSM falls for it and gets in bed with the Obama campaign. Now they are waking up hung over, tied to the bed, abused, wallet missing, their lover long gone in search of other easy victims. What to do, indeed!