Racial Hucksters Attempt to Stigmatize Romney

Before anyone calls me racist, note that I grew up in NYC. My first real best friend, whom I met at the tender age of 8 years old, was from Chile. Not long after, I became close friends with a kid of African American descent. Throughout my life, I’ve had friends of all races, creeds, colors, sexual orientations, and so on. I’ve went to school with them, worked with them, hung out with them, and, well you get the point. Race means absolutely nothing to me. I’ve met plenty of white people whom I’d cross the street to avoid, I’ve met many black people whom I’d entrust my life. And vice-versa. Everyone is someone’s son or daughter, brother or sister, mother or father.

And with that all said, I’m also a small government conservative who desperately wants Obama to lose and Romney to win. In fact, I see this as crucial to America’s very survival, and it’s inconceivable to me that Obama, with his horrific record on, well just about anything, stands even the slightest chance of re-election. And yet the polls consistently show that a sizeable portion of the populace still support the guy.

I remember when David Dinkins was elected Mayor of New York. Similar to the Obama presidency, Dinkins was hailed as the first black mayor of New York, and blacks across the city were justifiably proud that he made it. Yet when Dinkins proved to be an abject failure, black New Yorkers recognized it. If you’ve ever listened to A Tribe Called Quest, you may have heard the line “Mr. Dinkins would you please be my mayor?” from the song “Can I Kick It.” I saw tribe several years later, after Dinkins left office, at the Hammerstien Ballroom. When they did Can I Kick It, the place went predictably nuts. And when Phife dog got to that ill fated line, I was amused to hear him reword it – “Mr. Dinkins was a F***’d up Mayor.” He said it, not me. And he was right – Phife wasn’t going to disrespect his audience in the name of racial pride. Just because Dinkins was the first black mayor didn’t absolve him from doing his job, and when people voted him out, no one seriously claimed that it was about race, because it simply wasn’t.

Fast forward roughly two decades, and we have a similar situation playing out on the national level. Difference being that African Americans, with few exceptions, aren’t being sensible or impartial this time around. And it’s not even subjective that Obama is doing a bad job, and a bad job for African Americans in particular. We all know the unemployment figures, and how you have to double them when looking only at the black community. Thanks to Obama, more blacks are out of work, using more food stamps and dependent on government cheese for their subsistence than at any time under George W Bush or in recent memory. The fact that so many in the black community defend this disaster of a president amid his record and at least seemingly on the basis of his skin color, would suggest racism of the reverse type, and yes it does exist.

Even Obama’s election, given his record, associations, and accomplishments, seemed to be more about race than the actual candidate. Does anyone honestly believe that if candidate Obama were white, he would have gotten anywhere near 1600 pennsylvania avenue? Only, perhaps on a tour of D.C.

Yet blacks supported an inexperienced and vague candidate Obama, and the liberal policies he espoused without question, and with exponentially more vigor than great African American conservatives such as Condi Rice, Allen West and Thomas Sowell have ever enjoyed. And despite the fact that Democrats have a long record of standing in the way of civil rights, and aside from the fact that liberal policies have a proven track record of hurting black communities, the fact is most blacks in America view the GOP as racist, and align themselves with Democrats. Blindly.

Why exactly? It’s not like Liberal policies haven’t been tried in the very inner cities that represent the bastions of liberalism. George W Bush isn’t at fault for there being a ghetto in East New York or south-side Chicago. Literally billions of dollars have been poured into these depressed neighborhoods via well-meaning but ineffective at best liberal programs for around 50 years, and just as many black people are poor and can’t obtain a decent education. Blacks continue to have the highest rates of single parenting. Black on black crime is rampant, and the ratio of whites who kill blacks is dwarfed the number of blacks who kill whites.

Obama is fond of spouting the illogical line that we can’t go back to the policies of the past, which got us into this mess – conveniently ignoring the fact that those policies of the past seemed to work pretty good for 200+ years, and have only “gotten us into this mess” since Obama was president. Not to say that he caused the economic collapse of 2008 – he didn’t though the policies he ascribes to had a major role, but provably, he hasn’t helped us out of it in 4 years either. The fact is that half a century of liberal programs designed to uplift the poor with a focus on minorities is what’s been tried and what’s failed. And by every metric too – culturally, socially, and of course economically. Anyone who had been paying attention to what’s happening in the liberal urban centers predicted what it would look like on a national level, and Obama has certainly lived up to our expectations.

Conservative policies on the other hand, are a true solution for the ills of the black community. Conservatives believe in less government, more freedom and especially more economic freedom. No government program will get a family out of the ghetto, but a booming economy might. Conservatism eschews the racial pandering that suggests blacks can’t compete on the same playing field as whites, or comically, that they can’t obtain their own state issued id’s. Yet somehow, today’s black community views conservatism and it’s ideals for individualism and freedom, as the very root of racism. But it’s precisely the opposite, a license for freedom, which is what all those who were enslaved were struggling for in the first place.

All of which brings me to the NAACP, which claims to be non-partisan, but is reliably liberal and completely in the tank for Obama. After Romney’s speech, I do believe some in the audience who actually listened to his words might be reconsidering their support of Obama. But the leadership of the NAACP has doubled down, with Ben Jealous and various other bobbleheads suggesting that Romney somehow disrespected this ultra sensitive audience with the use of the term Obamacare, and that he intentionally wanted to get booed. Lolll.

What’s disrespectful are the racial hucksters, who seem to be ever growing in number, making such base and false claims in an attempt to change the narrative away from Obama’s awful record. Racism exists and it’s alive and well – but the real victims of racism are minimized by the endless false charges of racism in support of the political objectives of leftism. Blacks shouldn’t let themselves be played by politicians looking to amass power. Romney went to the NAACP with no real expectation of changing anyone’s mind. He spoke the truth and talked about what he’d do instead, and why. And predictably, smarmy charges of racially motivated scheming abound. But is it really likely that he went there to get booed in order to shore up the white-racist vote? Or perhaps, what’s really going on is that Obama is really that bad of a president and Romney just acknowledged it.

Dr. Martin Luther King famously said that he dreamt about the day that we’d all be judged by the content of our character, rather than the color of our skin. Given the seeming blind support by so many in the black community for Obama amid his terrible performance, and the nearly complete rejection of anything and everything Romney by this same constituency, proves that we still have a long, long way to go to get to King’s ideal.