The New, New Shiny Object

Ok Folks, before everyone loses their head over Obama’s new position regarding gay marriage, I think it’s important that we take a deep breath and really consider what’s going on here.

First, obviously Biden’s recent gaffe wasn’t a gaffe at all but a planned event, to test the waters before Obama reversed course. And we all know that reversing course is being kind – someone like Obama hasn’t the principles to feel one way or another about the topic of traditional marriage. He’s really just a reflection of whatever ideal he feels he needs to emulate in order to win re-election. So when someone is so blatantly fake, should we really get worked up over what they have to say on anything?

The fact is, the reason this is happening in two-fold: Obama sees the poll numbers and is trying to shore up the vote of every victim group he can. Gays just happen to be the low hanging fruit of the day, having been disappointed with him for quite some time. However, there is a second reason why this is happening – the shiny object.

Remember the whole contraception debate? The resulting “war on women?” Etc, etc ad nauseum? See, Obama simply cannot win on his record. He can only win by somehow getting people to stop looking at his record, and hopefully focus on the potential shortcomings of the alternative. During contraception-gate, that was the whole point – instead of focusing on Obama’s failures, we gave the media 2-3 weeks worth of coverage on a non-issue. And at the end of the day, for all of our outrage, nothing changed except that we gave the DNC yet another talking point against us and hurt Rush Limbaugh in the process.

That’s what this is about. Obama wants us to take the bait, so then the media can harp for the next two or three weeks about homosexual intolerance. Pleas will be made that “something must be done” and look at how backwards the enlightened Obama’s opponent happens to be. And btw, if you doubt me on this, just consider that Obama’s already started this with his comment that he’s “evolved,” meaning, by extension, that anyone who doesn’t agree with him is somehow un-evolved.

I would advise all of my fellow countrymen to tread very carefully. This is a trap, and we mustn’t take the bait. Let’s not win a war on Gay marriage, and lose the election in November. The focus needs to be on the economy. If Obama wants to change his view on gay marriage, that’s fine. He won’t get the votes to pass any legislation on this in any case. We can’t get bogged down into spurious discussions around social conservative issues when Americans care about one thing, and one thing only, the economy.

Total disclosure here – I’m all for gays being treated equally, but against the idea of government defining marriage. Marriage is a religious institution, and as a result out of the purview of the government. I’d support civil unions for everyone to make things equal, and allow people to go to a church, synagogue, or other house of worship in order to get traditionally married.