American Conservatism Is...

American Conservatism means an adherence to our founding principles. The main principle being that we all have inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Secondary principles being that the Government, not the people, is limited by the constitution. This means that no laws should be passed interfering with our god given rights, and that the scope of government, per our founding fathers, is to be limited.

The left is radical. The radical left has tried to redefine the very documents our country is based on to mean things like free healthcare. They believe that the government is there to limit our freedoms if that is what central planners have deemed to be the best way forward. They say the founding documents are living, which means that they can change our rights when and how they decide. They believe our money is the governments (which is why tax cuts are referred to as spending by liberals), rather than being the fruit of our labor, even though property rights are a major element of being free (see slavery). This same left is in the business of trying to restrict legal ownership of guns, even though the constitution clearly states the right to bear arms in the second amendment of the bill of rights – to what end when crime is already illegal?

Conservatism isn’t about giving money to the rich. It’s not about restricting women from making choices “about their bodies”. It’s about sticking with the framework that has served this country so well for so many years, and has resulted in that shining city on the hill. No one ever emmigrated to America because of free healthcare, or because they could get unemployment for 99 weeks. They came here for the freedoms and opportunities that they couldn’t get in their native countries, the same freedoms the left is trying to cajole us here into giving up.