The Obama Surge

I’ve noticed over the last week or so a strange phenomenon. Obama’s numbers are steadily improving, and meanwhile I sense a disruption in the momentum behind the GOP. I’m not sure if it’s the endless bickering over primary candidates, the gamesmanship over this tax bill, or just some more of the same political collusion practiced by the liberal left wing mainstream media taking effect, but I feel our edge slipping away, and Obama’s chances of making good on his hope to change this country for the worse, improving.

We need to be smart here. The 2012 election is seriously up for grabs, Obama could easily win, and is likely to win. As desperately terrible as this presidency has been these last years, our side is in fact likely to lose. Every single one of us interested in the long term survival of this country need to take this very seriously, be smart, and keep our eye on the prize. It really doesn’t matter if our guy wins the primary, if Obama wins the general. And if Obama does win, 2016 doesn’t exist, because America ceases to exist.

Think I’m being dramatic? 1 in 7 are on food stamps now, and as a second term of Obama comes to a close, and that number decreases further, to what, 1 in 5, 1 in 4, and with Obamacare, now firmly entrenched as an entitlement like Medicare or Social Security, an entitlement that people are actually dependent on for their healthcare, exactly how well do you think old-fashioned, conservative and individualistic values will play among the electorate? It won’t. The entitlement mentality, already dangerously close to taking over a majority now, will be so firmly entrenched by 2016 that the majority will cease to be as concerned with our debt level, as long as someone (perhaps Germany), bails us out. Not to mention the deleterious effect of another 5 years of Obamanomics.

This isn’t an election for the POTUS, it’s an election to decide whether we remain America or not. We lose this one and it’s game set and match for this once great country.

Despite these realities, our team hasn’t been a team. Each day I read another article about a brokered convention, or I hear the candidates (or their surrogates) destroying each other. It’s not that Mitt’s better than Newt, it’s that Newt is simply so flawed as to be unworthy of consideration. Eventually, Americans watching who might be open to something other than Obama, instead get a sense that none of these guys is fit.  Not Bachmann, not Perry, not Cain, not Romney, not Newt, and now… wait we ran out of people. And before the Paulites accuse me of prejudice, let me add that should Paul take even one primary state, it will only go to prove what the left says about us.

And I really can’t wait for yet another vow taking session where each candidate swears to their moms about how pro-life they really are. Or whether they are against Gay marriage enough. Or Christian enough. Listen, I’m a single issue voter too – my one issue is I strongly support second amendment rights. But I don’t want to “scare the horses” – if the candidates start making vows on my issue, it will have one effect only – to incite and inflame all the pansies in liberal land who don’t understand the difference between legal and illegal gun ownership. We have to be smart here – if Obama wins a second term, ALL of these single issues will cease to matter. Law of man, and not law of god, becomes the rule of the day. We’re already halfway there now.

This is not 1980. This is 2012. Obama won in 2008, not by getting specific on issues, but by selling himself and a vague idea of change. The population bought it and like it or not, those same voters will be pulling the lever in November. We have to be smart here, and realize that we don’t benefit by endlessly debating the finer points. Yes, we’re smarter than the majority by and large, and yes we could debate the finer points, but let’s actually prove how smart we are by actually snatching the White House out of the clutches of burgeoning marxism.

Say it with me: “If your candidate wins, I’ll vote for him. Both of our candidates are vastly superior than the current occupant of the white house. No way am I staying home in November, I’ll be at the ballot voting R down the line, because I know a third party vote means Obama wins. And I’m not going to make my contentious single issues an issue this time around because more is at stake than ever before.”

If you can’t say the above, then you are part of the problem, and your actions will help ensure a second Obama term. And don’t be mad at me for telling you the truth.