We've Already Lost

We’ve already lost the 2012 election. Thanks goes to the liberal media (of course), the “Get out the (illegal) vote” machine, ACORN (or whatever they call themselves these days) and conservative dolts who in 2012, faced with a threat to the very republic for which we all stand, decided to instead argue about social conservative issues like abortion, the religion of a particular candidate, or worse, the marital or other history of a candidate, unrelated to his achievements.

Truth be told, I know that abortion is murder, and life begins at conception. I think conservatives SHOULD hold their candidates to a higher standard than the left. But we don’t have the luxury to have these debates this year. Let me (ah) be very clear here – if Obama is re-elected president in 2012, and believe me, the chances of this are very very good that he will, it’s America that will be one and done.

Just a mere three years of Obama, and Iran is on the verge of getting nukes with no deterrent, Israel is on the precipice of war as a result. Our credit rating has taken a severe dive (about soon to get worse). The government now has it’s tendrils firmly implanted in our healthcare, our banking industry and American energy independence is being farmed out to Brazil. Our DOJ is going after states for enforcing our borders, and the NAACP is claiming to the UN that the GOP wants to “suppress votes.” Meanwhile, our fourth estate, fully owned by the extreme left, continues to sing a happy song, brainwashing millions (possibly a majority of Americans) that things are not only fine, but that Obama is actually a likeable person despite actually being a thin-skinned, immature creep.

Meanwhile, conservatives who should be united in their objective to defeat this man-child president are arguing over such nonsense as Abortion, the “purity” of candidates, and whether Trump should be hosting debates.  Some, whose favored candidates can’t seem to muster even 10% in any given poll threaten to vote third party (see Ross Perot and Bush 1).  Note that in Politico today, the lefties referred laughingly to what’s going on in conservative circles as a “knife fight.”

Newsflash people: Your cherished single issues will cease to mean anything when they change the name of the place to the U.S.S.A. When 1000% of our GDP is owned by the Chinese, not only will abortion be legal, but it will be mandated. Whether Newt got divorced or whether Trump is hosting a debate will cease to matter once the state decides it’s only fair that those extra rooms in your home should be used to provide housing for the less fortunate (like they did in Venezuela a couple of years ago).

Think these things can’t happen here?  You’re dead wrong.  The very essence of America is slipping away, and in about a year, our nation faces a choice between America the great, and America the social safety net. And you’re arguing about the position of the deck chairs.

It’s time to cut it out. You can’t get everything you want, and you’ll get nothing if you cut your nose to spite your face, which is the tenor of many of the diaries I’ve been reading here as of late.