The Schizophrenia of Barack Obama

Throughout his presidency, the liberal sycophants in the media have continuously tried to link President Obama with some of the greatest presidents in the history of this nation. He would be the new FDR. No, he would govern like Abe Lincoln. Actually, he’s a lot like Reagan the leg-chillers would breathlessly tell us. Now, the liberal online rag Politico tells us that he’s the new Theodore Roosevelt (excluding a link as I don’t want to send them traffic):

“Just over a hundred years after the Bull Moose delivered his New Nationalism speech in Osawatomie, Kansas, Obama is scheduled to tout his own square deal – he’ll describe it as everyone getting a fair shot – there on Tuesday.”

Never in my life have I seen a president who constantly and consistently tried to emulate the successes of presidents past. Every other president, from Carter all the way up to Bush II, has stood their own, and governed in their own way, to fit the time. Not to say the media hasn’t made comparisons before, but the comparisons of the Obama presidency, mostly flattering of course, seem to be the very substance of his administration.

Of course, this brings us back to the central issue with Barack Obama. Three years in, no one really knows who he is. We get what he stands for, class warfare, an all powerful centralized government, and fundamental change of this great nation to, well, something else. (But don’t dare call him a socialist.) Rather than simply be Barack Obama, he instead is constantly searching for a way to be someone or anyone else, other than himself. In effect, Obama, throughout his presidency of imitation, has admitted that he is but an empty vessel, which even he can place his hopes and dreams.

The real question of course is whether the populace sees this. From the relatively safe confines of Redstate and others, it sure feels like the man is a one termer, but I get scared when I talk to the “moderates” out there who spout off about an intransigent congress, or the “weak field” of GOP candidates. God help this nation if Obama (or FDR, Lincoln, Reagan, TR, or whomever else Obama fancies himself to be today) gets another four years. Sadly, with the bulk of the mainstream media behind him and actively covering for his faults, and with a GOP primary focusing on nonsense like abortion and a candidates previous marriages, and rumbles from Paul freaks of a 3rd party run, I think that’s just what we will get.