Not Another Obama Rant

If you’ve read my prior articles, then you know I am not too fond of the activities of the Obama administration. I’ve gotten criticism from my friends on the left for only complaining when I disagree with Obama, yet never saying anything about the good Obama has done. So for this article, I’ve decided to not discuss the disagreements I have with the Obama administration — this article isn’t about that.

This isn’t about Obama promising during the campaign that he was not for “big government or small government but smart government” and then passing a massive increase in the size of government and it’s spending programs that in a mere 90 days, exceeded everything Bush did in 8 years. Nor is this article about using a crisis to pass a massive stimulus package (without Obama’s promised 5 days of sunlight) that isn’t actually stimulative to the economy and won’t really take effect until next year. This isn’t at all about Obama running on hope, change and post partisanship and then merely implementing the liberal wish list as soon as he got into office.

I’m not griping about Obama’s European apology tour, or that he bowed to the Saudi King and then lied about it. No rants about the cheesy gift to UK Prime Minester Gordon Brown of 25 region 1 DVD’s that won’t work in UK players. Nor any beef over the even more cheesy gift of an Ipod with audio of Obama’s speeches to the Queen of England. Nothing on gladly shaking hands with Chavez or sitting idle for a 50 minute anti-US rant delivered by Daniel Ortega. I won’t even complain about Obama’s self centered relief that Ortega’s bombast wasn’t directed at him personally.

You won’t find me pointing out the contradiction of Obama asking us to “put away childish things” in his inauguration, only to follow that inspiring pledge with an endless attack on GOP strawmen, as opposed to bonafide GOP positions. I won’t poke fun at Obama promising to have a lobbyist free administration, only to break that rule time and again where expedient. Nor will I chide him on continuing to claim that his vetting process is held to a higher standard even after hiring lobbyists as well as admitted tax evaders. I’m not even going to mention Obama’s seeming dependence on telepromters, though I am thankful that he seems to have added a third teleprompter in the center. Now watching him speak isn’t nearly as much like a tennis match as it was before.

I could be upset about Obamas defaming of returning veterans, or of “Republican terrorists” but I won’t. Nor will I make an issue about Obama letting Mexico and their drug cartel problems drive changes to our second ammendment rights, which by the way are guarunteed by the constitution. There won’t be a complaint about Obama promising a tax cut for 95% for Americans, even for those that don’t pay any income taxes. Nor will I raise the specter of Obama’s cap and trade program, a behind the scenes tax increase which will raise the cost of everything on 100% of Americans, and won’t actually do a single thing to reduce emissions or the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere except perhaps by way of economic atrophy. Obama’s reversal of the embryonic stem cell federal funding ban as a triumph of sound science over the false choice of moral values will not be covered here.

The Obnoxious American will not be pointing out that while hundreds of thousands of Americans were losing their jobs, Obama was eating waygu beef with his buddies in the white house, or flitting around the country to continue his endless campaign. I won’t chastise the man for holding a press conference, summit, or town hall, on every single issue that comes up, but makes mere passing reference on North Korean missle launches and racial utterances by the likes of Iran’s Ahmadinejad. This American won’t be talking about Obama’s preposterous claim to cut 2 trillion in spending by assuming the Iraq war will last ten more years at surge costs. And you can be damn sure that the topic of Obama’s release of CIA memos on the use of waterboarding, but redacting any detail on what those tactics yeilded in terms of saved American lives following 9/11 will absolutely not be discussed here.

I won’t be talking about any of that. In fact, I won’t be talking about anything.