Brainstorming for McCain: "5 Days of Issues"

Since Obama and Co. are making a big fuss trying to depict McCain and Palin as weak on domestic issues, it would be nice to take this head-on in a way to get as much media attention and in front of as many eyeballs as possible… A full week of issues, with each day dedicated to a topic.Each of the five days of the work week would be dedicated to a single important domestic issue. International and national security issues would not be covered because McCain has been hitting this enough lately. Each day would involve a press-conference style meeting with both McCain and Palin, plus one of their advisors and one high-profile supporter on the topic of the day. Each topic would be fairly specific so to control the talk and the questions from the media.

Each day could take place in a different state, one after the other. To keep travel time and jet lag to a minimum, the states should be in a swing region (5 states in the midwest, south-west, etc.).

The four of them would give plain-English meat-and-potatoes speeches, scripted and presented for easy repackaging by the evening news and for campaign commercials in the future.

After the speeches, they field questions from the gathered media. The four would jump in to answer, depending on who was best qualified, although McCain and Palin should take on most of course. The topic should be politely enforced, to keep the reporters from going off-track on rumors or issues that are not relevant.

All in all, the entire thing should last no more than half an hour, but it would serve the point of being talked about by the news shows for the days leading up to each event. And it would dispel the myth that the McCain-Palin campaign avoids domestic issues. It is also something that Obama hasn’t done in the entire time he’s been campaigning.


  • Monday – Jobs – Hit hard on the plan to create more jobs is to (1) lower the corporate tax rates from our #2 highest in the world to bring back companies from overseas, and (2) streamline and simplify the process to start a new business for more people to become their own bosses.
  • Tuesday – Home Ownership – Talk about the latest Freddie/Fannie involvement means, and what we will do to repair it. Talk a bit about how this helps bring down mortgage rates and lowers risk for “average joe” investors (retirement funds, savings accounts, etc.). Also talk openly about the risks that this brings to taxpayers if Freddie/Fannie continue to do poorly, but use that to talk about oversight and transparency. Give examples, people will love that.
  • Wednesday – Energy Diversity – Really pound the “all of the above” plan. The “drill baby drill” has been talked about a lot, but it is time to emphasize plans for solar and wind. Maybe also Palin can bring up the often-overlooked geothermal and tidal for places in the country that it would be appropriate. The “All of the Above” plan can be a huge winner with the public if we talk details on non-oil resources, too.
  • Thursday – Fresh Water – a “dark horse” issue, but one that is getting a lot of attention in local media here in Florida. Not only an opportunity for talking about inter-state co-operation, but more importantly laying out a plan to spur private growth in water purification, sewage treatment, and my personal favorite of de-salination (turning salty seawater into fresh water — perfect for long coastal states).
  • Friday – ? – A big one that is very specific, but very important. I can’t think of one off the top of my head. True, we could move one of the other days here, but that still leaves a gap. This would be healthcare or education related, but it is important to keep it much more specific than just that.