Introduction from a moderate Libertarian & secular Humanist

Hello, I am Adam Theo (just “Theo” to most), a moderate Libertarian who never votes for his own party because they are a bunch of lunatics — I mix between the two main parties happily, depending on the issue. I am a calm and optimistic person who likes friendly debates.Some of the issues I probably respectfully disagree with most people here on:

  • “Lite” Pro-Choice … I try to decide this issue based on the best science of when life begins — currently halfway in pregnancy, IMO. Before this point abortions are allowed, but after this none allowed with no exceptions.
  • Gay-rights … The Federal government has more important things to be working on (nat’l security, free markets, etc.) than deciding who can marry. Leave to states.

And issues I oddly agree with most Republicans and social conservatives on:

  • Pro-religion … I love to see people express their faith and I’m okay with the gov’t using money to use faith organizations for social good. Odd because I am atheistic — But I will defend other’s 1st amendment rights.
  • Strong Military … most libertarians don’t like using armed force around the world, but as I learned world history, I realized militaries used wisely have done great good for liberty. Weak U.S. military makes a more risky & evil world.

I am currently trying to start my own business — www.WatchTheWeatherChange.com

You can find out more about me at my personal website — www.AdamTheo.name