Exactly what is waste?

Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) just published his “Wastebook” report for 2010 where he cites the most egregious errors of government spending that he can find. While I know that his report can’t be 2000 pages long (like certain legislations on healthcare or financial regulation that we all know and love) I do have to ask:

Since he only cites $11.5 billion as the most horrible examples of waste, and since the federal deficit of 2010 was $866 billion more than the federal deficit of 2004 when Coburn originally took office in the senate, what of the remaining $854.5 billion does he consider to be non-wasteful spending and how does he justify that ammount of deficit spending?

This is where the job of the Tea Party gets difficult. It’s very easy to say that a $2.6 million project studying the effects of world of warcraft is something that we can’t afford right now. It’s much harder to pick on your own sacred cows such as defense spending and political timebombs like social security. With the ammount of deficit and debt increasing legislation passed over the last year it should be much easier to find spending cuts than this.

Just some food for thought.