What would Reagan do?

What has the GOP done for you lately?  What has the Tea Party done for you lately?  What has FOX News or RedState done for you lately?

Consider this:  Reagan won the GOP nomination as a former California FDR Democrat.  He was a liberal before he was a conservative, a liberal Hollywood actor.  A union man through and through.  A believer in the New Deal.  Additionally, Reagan never left the Democratic Party – the Democratic Party left him.  Reagan didn’t become a Republican, he created a new version of the Republican Party and became that, and won…and won handily.

Trump is offering a new vision for the GOP and for America but it’s not the vision set forth by today’s GOP establishment or Tea Party wing.  It’s something new.  It’s a hybrid party that rejects the knee-jerk hawkishness of the Neocons and the addiction to gridlock Tea Party intransigence.  Trump is offering something else.  Trump is offering redemption.  Trump is giving Republicans a chance to reject the failed Iraq war and trickle down economics in one fell swoop.  Trump is offer Republicans a chance to build a new party based on the principle of America first and competency.  He is running to change government, not shrink it.  After all, what good is shrinking government for the sake of shrinking it if it doesn’t improve your life?

It’s OK to step away from orthodoxy when orthodoxy has led you to failure.

Trump is painting in bold colors, not pale pastels.  That is what Reagan did and he won.  Trump will do the same.