Who Can You Trust, Really?

In the recent past I’ve received emails indicating sites that are almost universally used for “fact checking” might have alliances with one political affiliate or another.  This actually took me a little by surprise (call me naïve).  I’ve used these fact checker sites for some time now and have pretty much trusted what they have to say.  But, do they have political agenda’s?  What agendas do they have?  What alliances?  Who pays their bills?…


The truth is we can spiral completely out of control with conspiracy theories.  Everything from fact checking sites to how it works sites, for example, what if you wanted to know how a green technology worked, but the site has an agenda to keep simple energy producing product capability from the general public to reduce their risk and increase their ROI?  Why not?  And don’t stop there.  There are millions of conspiracy theories available to the rabid imagination.  Some are real, some may not be.


The point is, don’t be a sheep.  I’m not saying that if you have a good, unbiased source of information to completely discount it.  What I am saying is, don’t be lazy.  Do your own homework and make your own educated decisions based on facts not conjecture.  Not everyone was intended to be a leader, but we all have the God given right and ability to think for ourselves and not let others think for us.