Will Swine Flu hit DC??

To date, the Swine Flu has only been located in Ohio, Kansas, Texas, California and New York and while it would be easy to make some witty comment about how our leaders are feeding at the public trough like a bunch of fevered pigs, I’ll restrain myself and, instead, turn my attention to weightier issues.

The World Health Organization (WHO? you ask… exactly) has pointed to Mexico as the epicenter of the swine flu outbreak. According to the AP, 1,600 people in Mexico have been affected by the disease, 149 fatally, prompting the WHO’s apocalyptic description of the possible pandemic in a manner that mirrors the SARS outbreak and bird flu scares of recent years. Health officials at the European Union and in countries far removed from North American shores are cautioning their citizens against taking “unnecessary trips” to the US, Mexico and Canada. So far only 40 Americans have contacted the swine flu to date, none of the cases proving fatal, but how long will these numbers stay that low?

I am not an alarmist by any means, and part of me believes this “pandemic scare” to be nothing more than a marketing ploy by Tyson foods and big-pharmaceuticals (the scare has already taken a massive toll on the commodities market) but there is one very serious angle to this issue that I have yet to see addressed.

California and Texas are two of the States hardest hit by the swine flu. What do these two states have in common? They are both border states and gateways for the conga-line of Mexicans that illegally enter this country by the hundreds-of-thousands each year. The Pew Hispanic Center places the number of illegal Mexicans crossing our Southern border unimpeded at 500,000 per year between 2006 and 2008. These aliens bring with them all kinds of diseases; many of which were eradicated from the US decades ago, only to rear their heads again thanks to their hosts’ alacrity with a pair of rusty wire-cutters.

The WHO and health experts have no idea how or where the swine flu jumped from it’s cloven-hoofed to bi-pedal hosts, but one thing that is certain, Mexico is the epicenter and the Mexican “government” is already being verbally berated by countries around the world for it’s lackadaisical approach to the treatment and containment of what the WHO and other are calling a potential “global epidemic.” Mexico hasn’t even gotten medical treatment to the families of those who have been killed by the disease. Like with so many other threats to America’s security and safety (drugs come to mind) the Mexican government has proven itself an impotent hindrance.

So we can’t expect any help from Mexico; so what are our leaders going to do about it? If my math is correct, 1,369.86 Mexicans illegally cross our Southern border every day. (My inclusion of the .86 Mexican was on purpose, since many of them are pregnant waiting to hit Brownsville before conveniently delivering an anchor baby.) How many of them carry this potentially deadly fly strain? How many of them have come in contact with someone who does? And, to take it to it’s next logical step; how many Americans will have to be infected or die before our myopic, flat-arsed leaders in DC do anything about it?

This outbreak is the perfect opportunity for the few politicians left in Washington who still believe in border security to step up and propose legislation putting an absolute halt to all illegal immigration along our Southern border. Bring in the military is that’s what it takes. Make the timing contingent on the flu’s eradication if that’s what it takes. After all, President Obama would never sign an Executive Order demanding as much, since his interests lie more in his own popularity and political capital than in the health and well-being of the people he swore to protect. But the proposal of such legislation, citing immediate danger and the protection of the American people, would put pressure on the Liberals and RHINO Republicans in Congress to either put up or shut up and prove to the American people who is really interested in their security and safety. A vote against a border-sealing bill in light of the global ramifications of this outbreak would be political hari-kari and might just be enough to get a majority on our side. (Robert Byrd only counts for half…)

So, if anyone back in DC is reading this (which I doubt, since most of you don’t even read your own legislation half the time) do what the Democrats do whenever there’s a school shooting and they go after guns –crack down on the “offenders” — fight fire with fire, capitalize on the media uproar and the heightened sense of public awareness, fast-track some tough legislation and let the American people see who’s really looking out for them.