You bet I'm dangerous...

So, it has come to this has it? I knew it would eventually.

In the same manner the tyrannical British monarchy labeled the Founders and their fellow countrymen as dangerous radicals, the current administration has decided to bestow the same garland on the heads of you and I, and when I say you and I, I of course mean anyone who believes in Constitutionally protected individual liberty, the sovereignty of the states and the limiting powers of the Constitution over the federal government. Yep, in case you hadn’t heard, Obama & Co. have just released a Department of Homeland Security document to every law enforcement entity in the country warning against the rise in dangerous “right-wing” radical groups — devilish groups like the KKK, the skinheads, the neo-nazis, the white-supremacy movement, anarchic anti-government militias and… pro-life counselors in crisis pregnancy clinics. Wait, what?! You heard me correctly, according to the DHS document, “right-wing extremists” are anyone who falls into the Timothy McVeigh-like organizations above AND anyone who takes issue with illegal immigration or abortion, and “groups that reject federal authority in favor of state or local authority.” Hmmm, you just described every founder from Adams to Washington and every true Conservative in the country! Talk about painting with a broad brush!

Essentially, the Obama administration is attempting a massive black-list of everyone who didn’t vote for “change and hope” (or was it hope & change?) in ’08. Oh, and they didn’t forget to include their favorite target of disdain, the baby-killing US military. According to our dear leader, our fighting men and women are all mindless, damaged individuals just waiting to be snatched up by each and every wackadoo nut-job outfit that ever heiled Hitler — ready to be turned into killing machines — thanks to the training they received in those two illegal wars we’ve been fighting.

And it’s all because of the economy says they. Well, that’s a regular chapter out of the Marx/Heigel playbook now isn’t it? People are merely products of their environment and controlled by the eternal quest of collecting material possessions, and when there’s no money for the items they desire, society collapses and turns into anarchy, blah, blah, blah. (If that’s true, then the years of the Great Depression should have been the most lawless in our nations history; which, incedentally, they weren’t.)

So, here’s my response to President Obama and his lackeys over at DHS: You bet I’m dangerous, dangerous to your way of thinking and the plans you have in store for this country. I have no plans to build pipe-bombs, begin stockpiling canned goods or contact David Duke, but I do plan on fighting the intellectual battles that will be required to take this country back from you and return it to it’s former glory as a “shining city on a hill.” I might only reach one person, maybe 10, maybe 20, but I will do everything in my power to expose you and your ilk for what you are — statists bent on tearing apart the very fabric that holds this country together and has brought us so much prosperity over our short 300-year existence.
So be afraid, very afraid, Mr. President. We true Conservatives will not go down without a fight. It will not be a battle of man-made weapons meant for bodily harm, but instead a battle of ideas, a battle for the hearts and minds of the American people. And we will win, sir. It may not be in 2012, it may not be 2016, but count on it.