The "Progressive" Fight To Save "The Force" In Wisconsin

John Fund has an excellent piece at the Wall Street Journal about what is at stake Wisconsin. Basically, he asks if politics gets to be run by the voters or the unions.

I think that’s a valid question. The people of Wisconsin decided last fall how their government should be set up. Like every other state, they’re faced with a fiscal crisis. I don’t know the ins and outs of their government, but if their problems are anything like my state, California, then the alpha and omega of its budget problems lies in the leviathan-sized parasite that is the public employee unions.

That said, I feel like we are given false choices on this, because I always thought that the government operated on midichlorians. If you’re not a complete nerd like me then you should know that’s the stuff that powers The Force…the magic stuff that Jedi’s are made of.

I’ve thought this for years because governments negotiated awesome contracts with their employee unions that gave them pay that was has often been better than their private sector counterparts, to make up for the down-side to government work being a complete lack of accountability they also got perks worked in to their contracts that included earlier retirement age, sweet pension deals that include a treaty with hell (sorry libs, heaven isn’t a union shop) to continue salary payments after death, and other miscellaneous stuff, like gold plated time cards.

All of this stuff costs money. Where does the money come from? Its a process that magically involves union dues, which came from government employee paychecks, which came from your wallet….aka The Force.

The Force performs mind tricks that prevent people from caring that it causes budget deficits. (*waves hand* Kids make great human shields)

When the deficits get too powerful to succumb to mind tricks The Force then gets activists clones that are manufactured for the sole purpose of "the cause" and don’t think beyond the orders they’re given (aka stormtroopers) to activate and form protests.

They chant stuff about solidarity, which must be translated after the fact with U.N.-like precision by the mainstream media, because to me it just sounds like the noise kids make when they fire pretend lasers. (beeyoo beeyoo beeyoo = Taxpayers, get in mah BELLAY!)

Sith lords Union bosses know the power of the force well, and have used its power to take over the Republic. So Fund’s choices were false ones because it’s pretty clear the labor unions use midichlorians convince governments that it’s capable of superhuman equations like:

    Retirement at 50 + generous overtime + pensions at 100% of salary – accountability = balanced budget

Hopefully life imitates art, and the ragtag band of fiscally sane conservatives elected a few months ago will overcome the odds and defeat the fiscal death star that is currently at t-minus 10 seconds away from blowing up the world’s economy with its beam of irresponsible narcissism workers rights.