T.W.'s Campaign Rally in Tulsa

Today I went to a campaign rally for T.W. Shannon at the Green Country Event Center in Tulsa and it was a blast. Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee all showed up for him and boy the crowds really ate them up. Ted Cruz especially got everybody fired up. Sarah Palin and Mike Lee were also terrific while speaking. T.W. Shannon himself while speaking did great. It was really crowded, but it was very much worth it.

From Obamacare, to EPA, to NSA, the crowd was always energized with Cruz, Lee and Palin speaking. When T.W. finally spoke, he did with genuine earnestness and integrity. Ever since I started following him since his election to the Speakership in the Oklahoma House last year, I’ve been impressed time and time again whenever I saw him in interviews.

Afterward, I gotta to briefly meet with Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and T.W. Shannon very briefly. T.W. is already familiarized with me since we’ve conversed on twitter frequently (my twitter username is starwarsfan107 by the way). It was a full pleasure to see all of them up close for the first time (kind of wish Rand were there but oh well). It was also a unique experience since this is the first campaign rally I’ve been too.

Recent polling data has had T.W. leading Congressman James Lankford by ten points which is huge leap from where he was prior to Palin’s endorsement. Ever since then though, everyone from Erick Erickson here at RedState, Mark Levin, SCF, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson and FreedomWorks has gotten behind him. I believe he’ll go on to be a great Senator for our state and carry on Tom Coburn’s legacy alongside Mike Lee, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.