RI State Senator says "go f**k yourself" in response to question

Just happened to find this posted on twitter and found it interesting. The guy’s name is Dan Bidondi who has a radio show called TruthRadioShow. The left whenever you get in their faces about gun control really get pissed off. I guess tyrants always do when you ask them legitimate questions like this. In this case, Bidondi asks a RI State Senator by name of Josh Miller about gun control legislation and he literally says in response “go f**k yourself”. Even his cameraman said so as well. A part of humorously wishes leftist politicians would say that more often so as to show they’re true colors about the 2nd amendment. The video pretty much speaks for itself. I just wonder if there’s any genuine example of tolerance on the left. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zo98fDcFbtc