The Three Legs of the Welfare State

Obviously there’s the three legs of conservatism. Fiscal conservatism, social conservatism and strong foreign policy. Well I present you the three legs of the welfare state. The first is the pay-in system which I categorize Social Security and Medicare to make up since you’re required to pay in order to reap the benefits supposedly (issue in of itself) in later life. The second is government charity which is probably the biggest of the three. I categorize Medicaid, food stamps and housing subsidies as part of.Obviously this is where you (if you’re poor, disabled etc) receive “free” (not-so) aid from government.

But the third leg is probably the most interesting of them all. The corporate cash-in aka crony capitalism. This is where big companies (a lot of them in the farming industry) receive money and aid from government so as to maintain an edge over competition. Like I said, a good chunk of the beneficiaries are in farming (makes me wonder why). Though they’re also in Wall Street too (TARP bailout). What’s very fascinating about the corporate cash-in is that unlike other areas of the welfare state where it’s primarily leftist Democrats defending them, both parties are in big time with giving out subsidies to corporations and big companies.

If you account for all welfare spending then that accounts for over 50% of government GDP. That amount is only gonna grow if no major change occurs and there’s limited time to react. My suggestion is to cut back the welfare state. In the first leg, drastically reform and even privatize Social Security and Medicare. With the 2nd leg, eliminate food stamps, SNAP and other such programs and reform Medicaid. With the third, eliminate it entirely. Corporate welfare is by far the most pointless welfare in current existence. Why should big companies and corporations which make millions on their own need other people’s money?

Sorry if I’m a little rusty. I tend to write my diaries on the spot. My email if you wanna contact me is [email protected] Or my twitter @JGcountry01. Thanks.