Update On Elections: Senate Races Turn Interesting Corner

On Michigan, Gary Peters is an @$$hole! He viciously attacked a mother with leukemia who had her insurance cancelled due to Obamacare. And he voted for it. You know what, just on that I say screw the pundits. I rate this as leaning R. The Republican candidate Terri Lynn Land was already in a lead in the polls anyway so I don’t why pundits have yet to rate Michigan as a tossup.

On Colorado, Rep. Cory Gardner has officially entered and Ken Buck is out and running for his House seat now. Sabato’s Crystal Ball now rates Colorado as leaning D from where it was previously as likely D. Poll numbers already had Mark Udall very weak anyway. As low as 3 points ahead. Obama’s and Obamacare’s numbers are so bad in the state. I think on that this race deserves a tossup.

On Arkansas, Mark Pryor apparently did something very embarrassing to himself. He linked a website called therealtomcotton.com which was suppose to throw dirt on him on things like Social Security, Medicare, but it led to his campaign website. Now I don’t know what happened afterwards. I stumbled across it here at RedState. But if you ask me, at best it doesn’t help him. At worst well… Likely R (he’ll be unemployed come Jan. 2015).

Ultimately the Colorado case is the best news so far in the 2014 cycle. Hope more good news comes.

Here are my ratings for all Senate races

AK, Tossup (still much development to foresee but ultimately Mark Begich was fluke and will have to be again)

AL, Safe R

AR, Likely R

CO, Tossup

DE, Safe D

GA, Likely R (Michelle Nunn is overrated and Paul Broun will be the next U.S. Senator)

HI, General Safe D, Primary Leans Schatz

IA, Leans D (still a lot to work out in the GOP primary and Dems already have Rep. Bruce Braley)

ID, Safe R

IL, Safe D

KS, General Safe R, Primary Leans Roberts (the fact he hasn’t lived in KS for years has him a lot more vulnerable than before)

KY, General Likely R, Primary Leans McConnell (leads Bevin currently but I think he can overcome McConnell)

LA, Leans R (Mary Landrieu mite as well start looking for a job as a lobbyist or something)

MA, Safe D (maybe if Scott Brown ran but we’ll get to NH)

ME, Safe R

MI, Leans R (again why aren’t the pundits at least rating it a tossup?)

MN, Likely D (why isn’t there a strong candidate out there to oust this jackass fraud?)

MS, General Safe R, Primary Leans McDaniel (Thad Cochran has been there too long and voters know that)

MT, Leans R (I don’t think being an incumbent will be beneficiary for John Walsh than as a challenger)

NC, Tossup/Leans R (still much to be worked out but Kagan is toast)

NE, Safe R

NH, Likely D (Shaheen seems potentially vulnerable but it’s not clear yet)

NJ, Safe D

NM, Safe D

OK, Safe R

OK Special, General Safe R, Primary Tossup (much to be still worked out but I personally lean for former Speaker T.W. Shannon)

OR, Likely D (again potentially vulnerable but still)

RI, Safe D

SC, General Safe R, Primary Tossup (Dreaded Lindsey is GONER)

SC, Safe R

SD, Safe R (Dems have all but given up here)

TN, General Safe R, Primary Likely Alexander (Joe Carr seems to have potential but there’s still much to see)

TX, General Safe R, Primary Safe Cornyn (I’m personally more pessimistic here at the moment)

VA, Likely D (seems to be some potential for competition with Ed Gillespie running)

WV, Likely R (Shelley Moore Capito is gonna walk away with this)

WY, Safe R (Liz Cheney wasn’t impressive anyway)

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