Let's get out of Afghanistan!

I frankly wonder why the deadline has been pushed back to the end of the year. Now unlike in Iraq, it was initially merited to go into Afghanistan since they were harboring Al Qaeda. But 12 years is TOO long. Longer than WWI and WWII COMBINED and longer than Vietnam. And what have we to show for it? A country that’s still very divided into tribes as it has been for centuries. The leadership and government is one of the most corrupt in the world and the country doesn’t seem to serve much useful tactical strategy anymore.

Clear majority of the American people in polls say we should withdraw our troops. The only people who benefit from the Afghan conflict are the people pushing for continual involvement i.e. the neo-cons and military industrial complex. I think along with this Congress should pass a resolution saying that there must be a declaration of war here on out. Last war we actually declared was WWII. About time we should be doing so again.

Now with all that said, this administration has only made the situation worse. Under George W. Bush the casualty rates weren’t nearly this bad. It’s simple bad leadership both militarily and politically. Like I said, it wasn’t a mistake on the outset like Iraq was, but there still leaves a lot to be desired (or rather a lot less in this case). Sorry if this is a little rusty. I tend to write diaries off the spot.

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