Piers Morgan is fired (finally)

Well Piers has been given the ax finally due to horrible ratings. I doubt anybody will be missing him. He’s a (words I can only use on twitter) and about time he’d get punished. He was always a horrible debater against really anybody who went up to. We don’t have cable or satellite so I don’t watch CNN. Though even we did I wouldn’t be interested since this is a network competing with MSNBC for the bottom. I’ve only watched clips of his show whenever I hear a buzz about something most commonly on YouTube.

Most common subject he talked about was gun control and he was always a sore loser at that like everything else. You can find a particular fun debate with him and Jesse Ventura on YouTube. While we’re on this subject, I wonder what happened with Martin Bashir (like anybody cares)? Probably will be replaced with another (again only on twitter) leftist. Only what CNN can offer I guess.

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