Six Californias?

There’s been proposal introduced that would split California into six different states. There’d be Silicon Valley, South California, West California, Central California, North California and Jefferson. It could well make it to the ballot this YEAR. There’s also similar movements happening in New York where it’d be split into 2 regions (New York and New Amsterdam) and Maryland where the western counties are wanting to secede.

Now this isn’t the first time movement to split California into separate states has been proposed, in fact hundreds of proposal have been introduced going back to statehood. Most recent before this was introduced by a local official three years where it’d be split into North California and South California. Unlike previous proposals though, this one has a real shot of success cause it’s being spearheaded by a venture capitalist by the name of Timothy Cook Draper.

Recently the initiative cleared the first major hurdle to getting on the ballot with the Secretary of State giving it the go ahead to collect signatures necessary by mid-July. I’m curious to know what RedState readers (particularly those living in California) think of this. I can’t comment so my email is [email protected] Or my twitter @jgcountry01. Thanks.