Two-In-One Diary ~ The Importance of Religious Liberty/Will There Be A Libertarian President?

This is gonna be something I’ll try to do every once in a while so as to save time. Sometimes the subjects will be related, other times there’ll be as far apart as can be like today.

The Importance of Religious Liberty

Kristen Powers wrote a ridiculous column calling the religious liberty bill proposed in the KS Legislature anti-gay Jim Crow. While Powers to her credit is one of the (few) saner members of the American left, she can still pull off ludicrous pieces like this and her sympathy towards Wendy Davis too.

First of all, what was Jim Crow? Jim Crow was forced government coercion of separation. In fact, without proper protections you’d have the exact opposite which is forced coercion of association. I don’t give rat’s @$$ for what businesses or individuals do. What they do is their own business.

Government shouldn’t be nosing in on whether a person(s) should or shouldn’t be served at a particular business. The principle behind a genuine free market is that businesses have the right to serve or not serve people for whatever reason.

If a gay couple is turned down at a business because they’re gay then they shouldn’t wanna be there. Likewise if a Christian doesn’t like what a business does let’s say endorse same-sex marriage then they shouldn’t be spending their money there. If a business does something outrageous then the free market will punish them for that action.

Ryan T. Anderson of the Heritage Foundation who I have serious disagreements with had a very good rebuttal column at National Review Online.

  • The bill in question is a religious-liberty protection being debated in the Kansas legislature. The bill would protect all citizens from being forced by the government into recognizing or celebrating a same-sex marriage if it ran contrary to their religious beliefs. So how is a bill protecting liberty akin to Jim Crow?

I recommend you read the full piece: http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/371454/homosexual-jim-crow-laws-get-real-ryan-t-anderson

When considering civil liberties, religious freedom has to be considered as part of that fold. It’s one of if not the most vital freedoms we have.

Will There Be A Libertarian President?

As the chaos goes on the question must be asked: Will there be a libertarian president elected in 2016? Obviously not referring the Libertarian Party, rather a Republican nominee who leans libertarian like Rand Paul. I think it there’s a very good chance of it happening.

More than ever now you have Americans overwhelmingly distrusting big government (as much as 72% in polls). And with Obamacare, NSA and IRS, it only gives more reason to do so. The challenge is how to make them recognize it and vote that way. I bet ya as much as 25% of the Democrat voters deep down are die-hard libertarians who don’t recognize it.

It’s a very tough challenge, but I think it possible for a libertarian candidate to equal or out-perform Reagan’s 84 landslide. I don’t know if a 49 state electoral landslide, but I think it possible to get as much as 60 percent of the vote. That would mean we’d have to consider states the GOP traditionally writes off like California (though the six-state initiative may change everything) or New York (or maybe the two state initiative).

It’s never smart to write-off big chunks of the playing field. For at least the past two decades (certainly the past two cycles) the GOP has been playing in electoral defense while the Democrat Party has been in offense mode. It’s time for a reversal to happen cause the GOP will continue on losing if it continues just on defense.

There’s also the demographics side. Millennials like myself are very libertarian. Young people tend to be opposed to government surveillance like that of the NSA, they’re overwhelmingly in favor of legalizing marijuana and they’re skeptical of government intervention in personal liberties.

I look into the future with much optimism. Liberty is advancing ever farther under the radar.

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