How To Stop The Coming Single-Payer Monster

I recently watched a scary message from a RedState email about the single-payer path Obamacare is suppose to be heading. Many of you probably received and watched the message too. His name is Jud Anglin and  he runs a healthcare business in Maryland. We already all know where Obamacare is suppose to be heading. He predicts that in 18-24 months (I think he did the video in mid-late 2013) the government will take over the healthcare system totally.

He speaks of three words in the law that allows anybody to legally and totally opt out of Obamacare. It’s a very fascinating (and scary) video and highly recommend at least taking a look at it. Though he does have a point about Obamacare heading toward single-payer, I don’t think it’s inevitable. Not when there’s still time to stop it. Doing so will require getting conservative and libertarian lawmakers elected next fall to the House and Senate, but there’s easily other ways to stop Obamacare too.

I’ve talked about my attorney general before filing suit against an IRS imposed rule that says certain fines and subsidies will be implemented in all 50 states. Even though it says explicitly in the law only states with exchanges qualify those and only 16 states (most of them run by Democrats) have them. We know now how they’ve turned out like the exchange in Oregon. Right now the suit is in the 10th circuit which is where Oklahoma is placed.

The suit has a very good chance of making it to the Supreme Court docket come the 2014-2015 term. Seriously, why’s nobody talking about this? If this suit succeeds (and it has a good chance of doing so) then it’ll only weaken Obamacare further since many of the taxes and penalties (to greater extent the employer and individual mandates) don’t apply in states that don’t have established exchanges. I think something like 6, or 7 states are in a partnership with the feds and 26 or 27 overall have refused to participate period. Can’t remember exactly, but something like half of all states have declined to expand Medicaid.

I think if we keep our eyes on the ball in the 2014 midterms and beyond to 2016 Obamacare can be toppled before the “tipping point” is reached which is single-payer. Not participating in Obamacare also helps too. Generation Opportunity which is a libertarian leaning youth organization mainly out on the college campuses has been doing campaigns advocating opting out of Obamacare and they’ve worked together with YAL (Young Americans for Liberty) and other college campus groups.

I’m naturally an optimistic person. I simply can’t concede defeat regardless of election results. To do so would make it not worth living and experiencing life. Part of what strengthens my optimism is my religious faith. Also Rush Limbaugh acts as a power booster to that especially today when he predicted a wave even bigger this fall than was back in 2010 (retirements of George Miller and Henry Waxman strongly suggests how pessimistic Democrats really are). Do not ever give up my friends. It’s a hard haul to pull, but it’s worth it if it means saving this country as founded. NEVER surrender.

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