Who the hell cares about Michael Sam's sexual orientation? UPDATED for name mistake

To be honest, I don’t give any damn for sports usually. I occasionally watch the Superbowl and my dad has always been sports fan and in fact went to KSU which is home to K-State football. Other than that though, I’m just not interested in sports and generally haven’t for most of my life. With that all aside though, let’s get to the issue at hand.

Michael Sam who was player for some university of which I can’t remember the name off the top of my head (if someone knows the name of the school just type it in the comments below), is gonna be drafted into the NFL. He recently came out of the closest on him being gay and the media is going buzz about it like they did about Barack Obama during his first campaign.

And the White House speaking of which has praised him for being brave about his sexuality or something. I can understand if he were in Iran or some other place in the Middle East aside from Israel. But in today’s America there’s virtually no threat about coming out of the closest. At times it’s encouraged to do so.

Personally I have no issue with a person’s sexuality at all. What you do is your own business. But the left obviously has an agenda with victimizing gay people. Personally if I were gay, I’d feel offended and insulted how the left and the media treat being gay as special or not common. We basically have an affirmative action for gays now (as if it wasn’t enough to give special treatment for minorities).

If I have any advice for the NFL I’d tell them to say this: Look we don’t care about homosexuality one bit. All that matters is whether you’re great at playing football. Sexual orientation isn’t and shouldn’t be a factor in drafting new players. We also don’t care for political correctness. If you’re a gay person who stands in stature to Peyton Manning or Richard Sherman great. If you suck at football then you suck at football regardless of your sexual attraction. We’re not about victimization of anybody for any reason. Michael Sam’s record proves he’ll be an excellent player regardless what he does in his personal life.

That’s just an idea I had in mind anyway. What the NFL head honchos would actually say in response to the media buzz is an open question (though I wouldn’t be surprised if they go all timid and politically correct about it unfortunately). It would be nice to see someone in the NFL to just say to screw political correctness and the media pressure. BTW there’s already from what I’ve heard numerous gay players out there who haven’t revealed themselves. From what I’ve heard the NFL locker room is a place that tolerates everybody from all walks and stripes of life. The problem ultimately is political correctness. Try for once treating everybody as human beings. Easier said then done, but I felt like I had to say that.

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