Endorsement Friday - Matt Bevin, Shane Osborne, Greg Brannon, Lee Bright, Milton Wolf

This is where I go down the line of endorsing five candidates every Friday. These are all candidates for Senate. Here we go.

Matt Bevin – KY

I want McConnell gone more than ever now. Matt Bevin is a constitutionalist in similar style to Rand Paul and Mike Lee. Very solid on all the issues down the line. Endorsement sealed.

Shane Osborne – NE

This is a rare case where I disagree outright with Erick Erickson’s choice of candidate. While I think Ben Sasse isn’t bad, his history is very questionable. He at one time supported Medicare Part D as he was part of the Bush II administration in HHS (don’t remember specifically what role he was in). This race is a fascinating split between FreedomWorks, C4G and Heritage Action which all typically endorse the same candidates. Here there’s C4G and Heritage Action behind Sasse and FreedomWorks behind Osborne. FreedomWorks even has a post at their site critical Ben Sasse of which you can find. Nothing against Sasse, but Osborne is just more solidly conservative. I suggest you go read goldwaterconservative’s latest diary on Ben Sasse to gain perspective. Endorsement sealed.

Greg Brannon – NC

Brannon has been endorsed by Rand Paul and Erick Erickson. Here they both have it right. He’s a physician and tea party activist. He’s running against several other candidates including of which State House Speaker Thom Tillis who from my knowledge another John Boehner-lite guy. Obviously don’t want him. Kay Hagan is now running under all of her opponents thanks a lot to the Obamacare effect in NC. Most recent Rasmussen polling has her under 7 against Speaker Tillis and 4 under against Brannon. I don’t think she’ll be returning to Capital Hill next year as a Senator at least. Endorsement sealed.

Lee Bright – SC

Going south of NC, we have SC where Dreaded Lindsey is running for a third term as Senator. He’s got several opponents and the most promising is State Senator Lee Bright. He’s been rated the most conservative voting member in the State Legislature which shows a lot of promise. But something else I really like of him is his strong libertarian appeal. He’s a vocal opponent of NSA surveillance mass spying. Polling shows Dreaded Lindsey performing poorly. SC’s primary system requires a run-off if no candidate gets 50% of the vote on the outset. I’m itching to call him U.S. Senator Lee Bright already! Endorsement sealed.

Milton Wolf – KS

The home state of my dad has Obama’s cousin running for U.S. Senate against Pat Roberts who’s been in the Senate since 1997. While he’s done admirable acts of recent such as fighting alongside Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul to defund Obamacare, his overall voting record leaves something to be desired. It’s 73% at FreedomWorks last I saw. And you don’t just assume they genuinely change on the spot like that. Endorsement sealed.

Out of the five I just mentioned, it’s strange only one of them is running to unseat a Democrat. I’ll try to make this a regular thing. If you got any ideas, email is [email protected] or twitter.com/jgcountry01. Thanks for listening.