When Does The Hate Labeling Stop?

Seriously why can’t we just call them crimes? A crime is a crime regardless the motivation. I’m here to take a whip to the concept of hate crimes. I don’t know when the whole idea started (probably long before I was born), but people apparently thought labeling certain crimes as hate crimes would help deter crime rates.

Well for as long as they’ve been around there’s yet any convincing evidence they do a damn thing. I don’t mind law enforcement trying to deduct or figure motivation in fact it can be very helpful. But putting a slightly longer sentence on a convict for a specific crime doesn’t do anything.

The first crimes to be labeled as hate crimes were those involving racial/ethnic minorities like a crime where the victim is black for example. Then after Shawn Shepherd was brutally killed in the late 90s, the FBI added gay hatred to their database of hate crimes. BTW Shawn Shepherd wasn’t killed because he was gay, but that’s another subject worth its own diary for another time.

Now I think any kind of hatred towards a person just for who they are whether they’re black, hispanic, gay, Muslim, Christian etc is vile puke. But aren’t crimes in general formed on some form of hatred? Isn’t it a hate crime if a poor person robs a rich person out of envy/jealousy for his/her wealth and success? Isn’t it a hate crime if a guy to kill another guy cause he slept with his wife?

There’s literally thousands of forms of hatred. Yet we focus on specific forms of hatred like racism and homophobia. This is why hate crimes as a concept are bull$hit. In fact not all crimes are based on hatred. Some are based purely on a form of profit or political motivation maybe.

Not only hate crimes crap, it gives special preference to certain minority groups. I feel as a libertarian that it’s insulting and ironically bigoted to give any kind of special government preference to both the intended groups/people and those who don’t get it. When you facilitate special preference, you’re facilitating envy and hatred between groups.

Who benefits from things like hate crimes? Pretty obvious answer is the left and the Democrat Party which thrive and live off of hatred and animus. If neither existed then the Democrat Party or the left wouldn’t exist or at least would not have near the political influence they do. So what’s the answer to the hate crime issue? Eliminate it and judge criminals strictly on how severe the crime was and give the proper punishment. Thanks for listening. (note I can’t post comments)