State Legislative Elections - 2014

While everybody is focused on House and Senate races which are incredibly important, something else just as if not more is playing out under the surface. Race for control of the state legislatures. Currently as things stand 27 are controlled by Republicans, 17 by Democrats and 6 are split since the VA Senate is back under Democrat reign after 2 years being Republican.

The breakdown further, Republicans control 28 State Houses and 29 State Senates including the unicameral legislature in NE which is officially non-partisan. Democrats on the other end control 21 State Houses and 19 State Senates. Two of the State Senate chambers are semi coalition operated in NY and WA State.

Now on the divided states, the following is IA (R House, D Senate), KY (D House, R Senate), NH (D House, R Senate), NY (D Assembly, Coal. Senate), VA (R House, D Senate) and WA (D House, Coal. Senate). I haven’t looked deep into research since it’s not available on a whim unlike federal elections, but I’d suspect the ones most likely to switch are WV and KY. Next diary I’ll try breaking down the races that are or aren’t in play. Like I said there’s not a lot to work with so bear with me.