Oklahoma Senate Race UPDATE

Now there’s three Republican candidates for Senate here in Oklahoma. Fifth House District Rep. James Lankford, State House Speaker T.W. Shannon and paramedic James Weger. Initially I was undecided since Bridenstine was considering to jump in, but since he’s not going to I’ll throw my support behind T.W. Shannon since he’s proven himself as Speaker of the House in our legislature.

I have concerns about James Lankford is his voting record. His overall score according to FreedomWorks is at 72% with a 62 in 2013 and a 50 in 2012. Undoubtedly he’ll have the support of the establishment while the grassroots will probably unite behind Shannon. While all this is happening, Jim Inhofe is seeking another term and Mary Fallin is seeking a 2nd term as Governor with a primary challenger in former State Sen. Randy Brogdon. It’ll be one hell of a busy year in Oklahoma politics.

If Shannon wins he’ll be the first African-American Senator elected from Oklahoma and the youngest sitting Senator. It should be noted he’s a member of the Chickasaw Nation. The RNC has been in constant communication with T.W. Shannon since last year and understandably so. Every time I hear him he’s incredibly well spoken, talented and intelligent. If I had my choice for Senator, I’d pick AG Scott Pruitt seeing he’s the closest thing to a Ron Paul constitutionalist in Oklahoma. But I can content with Shannon.

There’s also paramedic James Weger who’s the least known of the candidates. Probably won’t get much more than 5% of the vote in the primary so the focus will be on James Lankford and T.W. Shannon. It’s relatively early so none of the big four (Heritage Action, SCF, C4G and FreedomWorks) have made endorsements yet though I suspect they’ll oppose Lankford. I don’t know who Erick Erickson and the RedState crowd will unite behind since Bridenstine has opted not to run. For the time being we’ll have to wait and see what happens.