Oklahoma Lawmaker Proposes Privatizing Marriage

While it took awhile to arrive where I am, I’m full proponent of getting marriage out of government’s tentacles. Though looking at the political landscape I was pessimistic of that happening anytime soon. But this an instance where I’m happy to be wrong. Right in backyard (not literally cause I live in Washington County) is State Rep. Mike Turner (R-Edmund) who’s proposing a bill that would effectively marriage licensing in Oklahoma. From there it would be up to individuals and religious institutions who they marry. The title of the story is slightly idiotic so just ignore that: marry http://www.news9.com/story/24543033/lawmakers-consider-preventing-all-marriage-in-oklahoma

While Oklahoma has a new smart discussion over ending marriage licensing, Indiana is considering an amendment to ban same-sex marriage in their state constitution. Currently there’s a statue that does such. And there’s a similar proposal for the U.S. Constitution in Congress filed by Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) who I like very much. This isn’t going to work cause if it was tried before back in ’07, ’08 when only one or two states recognized same-sex marriage then it obviously won’t pass now since that number has more than doubled to 17. I also oppose out of reason that it’s simply a bad idea.

There’s some who are discomforted with the idea (my own parents as example) and understandably so. This was only an idea in libertarian circles for a long time (David Boaz who’s Executive Vice-President of the Cato Institute wrote a column back in 1997 advocating marriage privatization). I’m interested to see what everybody on the traditional right from Brian Brown of NOM, Tony Perkins of FRC and Ryan T. Anderson of the Heritage Foundation have to say about the Oklahoma bill.

I also ask them and everybody like minded this: What has passing more marriage laws done aside from garnering more lawsuit and getting thrown out by an activist judge? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. The left proves that daily, but the traditional right unfortunately has been caught up in this to on the marriage issue. But I also want to hear reaction from my fellow libertarians anywhere from Reason, Cato Institute and other places like Fox Business.

I’m also curious as to what the left says. The Oklahoma ACLU head has said that the bill introduced is the first of its kind and called it a political stunt to prevent recognition of same-sex marriage in Oklahoma. A clever thing that this idea does is show the left’s true intentions which is to silence all dissent and opposition through whatever means necessary. While the bill’s being held off while the appeals process for the marriage amendment plays out, I’m very happy to see this fruition into actual legislation. Perhaps this’ll set off a firestorm across the nation akin to gay marriage in Massachusetts a decade ago. Props to goldwaterconservative bringing this to light. Thanks for listening and please consider my points.