Why The Hell The Complaining!? Let's Actually Kick The RINOs Out!

All I’ve seen of late is doom about the GOP snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Taking immigration with amnesty component, sidling Obamacare in process etc. Okay fine enough, but can we change that for God’s sake? Daniel Horowitz and Erick Erickson to their credit actually try to make a difference by endorsing challengers like Matt Bevin in KY. I fully believe the GOP will score huge victories equivalent to 2010, but it’ll require getting principled candidates nominated which I think there’ll be plenty that will.

The GOP leadership will be taking up immigration this year with an amnesty component attached. I think in the end they’ll be forced to back off if Boehner’s challenger Eric Gurr is successful in knocking him out and Matt Bevin with McConnell. I’m sorry for my pressure on this, I just get tired of the same old dull complaining. Granted I do so a lot on twitter (follow me @jgcountry01),  but I show strong optimism too. Makes me wish George Patton’s ghost will come down and smack everybody.

Truthfully when I think about, RINO despite it being Republican-In-Name-Only when matched up doesn’t really fit these statist Republicans. The African Rhino doesn’t run away from a fight while a Mitch McConnell type does. I’ll start calling these statists gazelles since they’re always running away from the predator. To count down all, there’s total Republican incumbents running with challengers on them.

KS’s Pat Roberts with Milton Wolf, KY’s Mitch McConnell with Matt Bevin (as mentioned previously), dinosaur of MS Thad Cochran with State Senator Chris McDaniel, SC’s dreaded Lindsey Graham with State Senator Lee Bright (who I love and want to see win desperately), TN’s Lamar Alexander with State Senator Joe Carr (Lamar is the most likely of the six to win since Carr has low name recognition) and finally good ole Mitch’s lieutenant TX’s John Cornyn with Rep. Steve Stockman (he’s to McConnell what McAuliffe is to the Clintons).

Sabato’s Crystal Ball recently predicted that at least one Republican incumbent will lose to a challenger and that’s most obviously Thad Cochran since he’s been in there since the Jurassic Age. I think at two or three Republicans will lose in the end to their respective challenger. Those would be McConnell against Bevin and Graham against Senator Bright. There’s also again House Republicans ripe to be picked off in the primaries like John Boehner and others like statist Rep. Pete King of NY (who was apparently a staunch supporter of the IRA some two decades ago).

C4G already has primary challenges out there most notably Bryan Smith against Mike Simpson in ID-02. I’d personally like to see Tom Cole and Frank Lucas here in Oklahoma taken out as well, but their popular like mad in their districts and will sweep through like a knife through butter (maybe in 2016 either or both will get a serious challenge like John Sullivan did and was kicked out by my Rep. Jim Bridenstine). But it’s important to at least consider the House cause there’s many Gazelle Republican statists who represent districts that typically vote as much as 25+ points for the Republican candidate in every presidential election. Gotta get working on that people!

One last thing I’m sorry I was critical of those who’ve been complaining of late at the start of this diary. I’m just trying to show tough love so we’ll stay focused and evermore determined to save and preserve this great Republic. There’s actually a lot of good news going at the state level in terms of Obamacare and overall policy but I’ll speak of that in another diary. I plead with everybody at RedState and everybody else in the liberty movement this – NEVER EVER LET YOUR CHIN DOWN. The moment you do only makes defeat more certain. I know things look (and in some cases are) hellish. But I suggest you go to YouTube or somewhere on the web and listen to this as encouragement: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3T7-VbfYLU

Thanks for listening.