Abortion-On-Demand - The Modern American Holocaust

Since Roe v Wade in 1973, some 55 million babies have been legally killed without thought. The Democrat Party, MSM and leftists everywhere continue advocating for this mass killing that Adolf Hitler could only dream of. Barack Obama put out a statement reaffirming “women’s rights” to legally killing their child for whatever inconvenience when adoption is the genuine alternative. And of course cheer on nasty liars like Wendy Davis.

For the reasons previously stated this is indeed a holocaust and that makes planned parenthood facilities or just general abortion clinics as little Auschwitzs or even the Gulags. This must STOP. Thankfully since 2010 many new abortion restrictions were introduced in some 20 states. Some were struck down or put on hold by the courts, but there’s no sign of stopping in this trend. My state Oklahoma has been ranked the 2nd most pro-life state in the nation right under Louisiana.

There’s much challenges still to be met, but we’ve overcome a lot in the course of 41 years so I’m extremely optimistic. The most pro-life demographics are the youth 18-29 and women which tend to vote for democrats in elections. Overall, recent polls have put Americans favoring banning abortion at some level or another at 62%.

Makes me wonder why the establishment GOP is so scared of this issue when the American people are clearly on their side. To the credit of the RNC and Reince Prebius they’re participating in the annual March for Life so maybe this signals a change in approach. I hope and pray that one day abortion on demand will end once and for all. With legalized abortion the left has exceeded the wildest dreams of Adolf Hitler, but I go on with high optimism. I suggest you do so too.