How Can We Find Common Ground?

When I’m saying that I don’t mean left-right, I’m talking about the drug war and drug policy. I’ve been reading some diaries of late that are at best skeptical of marijuana legalization in Colorado and Washington State. I personally thought they were wrong, I’m not here to talk about legalization of drugs though. For all disagreement between anti-drug conservatives and pro-drug libertarians, there’s gotta be some common ground toward drug policy reform at the federal level like reigning in the drug war. Erick Erickson for as skeptical he is, did acknowledge the drug war has only succeeded in filling up state and federal prisons. I doubt anybody can call that a success. So there needs to be a major rollback at the federal level.

Probably the most destructive aspect of the drug war is that mandatory minimums which Senators of both parties have been working to abolish or scale back significantly. Bills have been introduced co-authored by Senators of both parties (one by Rand Paul and Patrick Leahey and then another by Mike Lee and Dick Durbin) to scale back the program and allow judges more leisure in carrying out sentences. The current program as is can have someone jailed 25 to life for simple possession of marijuana. That needs to be changed. Also there’s a 100+ raids carried throughout the United States on homes which are thought to have illegal drugs. At least a good portion of those instances have to be wrong. Is a hundred a day really necessary? We obviously have our disagreements in the legalization field, but for all that there’s something we can agree on. The current drug war is about as successful in eliminating drug use as the war on poverty has been in eliminating poverty.