Mitch McConnell and John Boehner

I truthfully use to really like Boehner and McConnell back 2, 3 years ago. I thought they were very decent leaders and decent men. Even when they failed badly like the $hit sandwich fiscal cliff deal from the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013. I supported ousting Boehner as Speaker, but afterwards I got passed that and thought to just wait and see. As time went on though, I became more and more distrustful of them. McConnell particularly I became more suspicious of. Though I initially was unsure about supporting an opponent so I stayed out.

His recent actions though changed my mind totally. From his lack of courage in going after the left to attacking grassroots in particular to defunding Obamacare. I’ve since swung my support to Matt Bevin fully. Mitch NEEDS to GO! As for Boehner I’ve typically been softer on him cause he generally wasn’t obnoxious as McConnell is. But when the $hit sandwich budget deal came out and he attacked grassroots groups along with other actions, I’ve since swung to supporting his opponent Eric Gurr.

I’m sure personally they’re both very decent men who anybody can get along with. But as politicians they’re just terrible and need to go. Support Matt Bevin for Senate in KY and Eric Gurr for House in OH-08. There’s plenty of other incumbents that need to go as well, but these guys for as long as they’re in charge will only hamstring the GOP against Obama and the left. We need true leaders. Thanks for listening.