The Ironic Rebirth of Freedom

Something odd has happened in the past several years. Free market healthcare is experiencing comeback not seen in years. And that’s kind of thanks to Obamacare ironically. Contrary to popular belief, the US healthcare system isn’t laizze faire and hasn’t been for decades. Prior to the 60s it was free market operated primarily. But the introduction of Medicare, Medicaid and the insurance bureaucracy changed everything.

When was the last time you ever payed out of pocket for a doctor’s appointment? Probably not for a long time. That’s cause government pays for medicine. As a result, you get a country that has the 4th highest spending levels in healthcare in the world. But there’s already a free market alternative coming about.  A good example which I’ve mentioned before is the Surgery Center in Oklahoma City. It was first started in 1997 and has had a thriving success.

There’s in fact thousands of clinics across the country that operate outside the health system under market prices. You can them commonly inside a Walgreens and/or Walmart. There’s also many doctors that’ll take straight up cash. As Obamacare fiascos get worse, this method of payment will only get more popular. I’m very optimistic in the cause for liberty in the field of healthcare regardless of Obamacare. Government maybe bigger and more powerful, but it’s simply too slow and too clumsy reign in liberty. To borrow and edit a phrase from Jurassic Park, freedom will always find a way to thrive and prosper.