Can We Stop With This Charade Please?

I’m gonna make this short and simple: I’m really getting agitated over this blowing up of every other statement coming from the Pope’s mouth. A lot of this charade was started and fault of the leftist media which hates the Catholic Church with every bit of energy they have, but a lot of people in general are blowing up over this statement or that comment.

Personally the only thing from Pope Francis I found concerning was his comments on free market capitalism (which I won’t be revisiting since there’s been enough dialogue on that). Nothing else about him really alarms me, though I’m speaking as non-Catholic and only attended a Catholic church 2, 3 times in my 20 year lifespan (though my mom comes from a Catholic family).

My suggestion is that when you see a media headline of an odd looking comment from the Pope, make sure to look in deeper detail before drawing a conclusion. Like I said, a lot of this charade is prompted from the media which warp things out of proportion on a daily basis. I won’t be playing in this charade for sure. I’ll say it’s a bit ironic that Time Magazine nominated the biggest pro-lifer in the world all because of a comment questioning free market capitalism. As Rush Limbaugh put it perfectly, the Lord does work in mysterious ways. Thanks for listening.