Happy New Year! Individual mandate implementation, Edison light bulb, Senate races, etc.

Well it’s 2014 and Obamacare is going into further gear with the individual mandate. I saw a very funny video on YouTube posted by Reason TV. I recommend you check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5VAO5vx52o. Ironically my birthday is 14 days after the individual mandate going into effect.

Also of noteworthy is that the Edison light bulb has been banned by the federal government permanently (or until the law is repealed at some point). And it was George W. Bush who signed the law that bans it. This is one of many things I don’t like much of the Bush presidency.

Ten months from now the midterm elections will come around and the primaries considerably sooner. I’ve posted my take and analysis of all Senate races up and so have many of my fellow RedState colleagues. Though I recently read goldwaterconservative’s (who’s a fellow libertarian of mine) who went about recommending certain candidates of which I pretty much agree with.

Probably my faves by far are Matt Bevin who’s running against Mitch McConnell in KY and Lee Bright against the dreaded Lindsey Graham in SC. Matt Bevin of course has the heavy weight support of SCF and RedState’s Erick Erickson. Lee Bright I’m especially impressed with because of his libertarian credentials. The candidate who holds best chance against the incumbent though is Chris McDaniel against the ancient Thad Cochran in MS. He’s got the support of SCF, FreedomWorks and Madison Project.

Another candidate of mention is Greg Brannon of NC who’s running against State House Speaker Thom Tillis (who’s basically another John Boehner from what I’ve extrapolated) in the Primary with one or two others in there. The incumbent Kay Hagan won in the Democrat wave of ’08 with 53% of the vote outperforming Obama by several points. But 2014 is different and I think Hagan will be looking for another job come January 2015. Keep your eye.

Then there’s Mark Pryor in AR. He’s got an opponent in Rep. Tom Cotton. Though admittedly his record on civil liberties is nothing joy about (particularly the NSA mass surveillance scheme), he’s much better than Pryor and is currently the only opponent running at all. So take what you got basically.

2013 was an eventful year for many reasons. And while liberty lost in a lot of cases, there’s some noteworthy victories to mention. One of which is the revelation of NSA mass surveillance and the movement against it. And another the defeat of the Syria proposal which leaderships of both parties supported. I always maintain a strong optimism that liberty wins out in the end. Keep the fight going.

PS: NYC’s newly elected communist mayor Bill de Blasio was sworn in. Expect a mass exodus of residents and wealth in the next 4 years cause it’s gonna get UGLY.