It's Time for a Convention of the States!

Let’s face it: Washington will NEVER enact anything that’ll limit its powers especially if it’s term limits or a balanced budget requirement. The latter came very close to passing of which did in the House by a total of 30o votes and failed by one vote necessary to pass the Senate. The House tried again passing a balanced budget amendment but it failed. So it’s time we put our faith in the states to do that. I could be wrong, but I think every state except Vermont is required to pass an annual budget (some like Texas have bi-annual).

Now two states Virginia and South Carolina have called for conventions. There was also one held in Vermont as well. The founders knew at some point the system was gonna fail so the COS was basically added an escape hatch to start over. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams near the end of their lives constantly exchanged letters to each other. At some point one of them said to the other that they did poor job and should’ve added more safeguards. The other replied that in the end the people will fix it. And the COS is the perfect opportunity.

For as great the constitution is as a document, there’s some fundamental flaws some of which date back toward the original drafting and some of it because of the amending process. Of which if you wanna track where the slow decline of liberty and the dramatic growth of government started look at the 16th (legal theft of income) and the 17th (direct election of Senators which centralizes power in Washington). I had just watched Glenn Beck on YouTube talking about Mark Levin’s Liberty Amendments and I promptly emailed my State Rep of the COS proposal for Oklahoma. I would encourage you to do the same if you’re state hasn’t yet planned a convention.

We will in the end be victorious in the fight for liberty and the constitution not because of election of libertyites to Congress (though I certainly want many more of them), but because of the states standing up and saying no. If something dramatic doesn’t happen at some point which turns us around then this Republic is gone in less than 20 years time as originally founded and framed. Even if Obamacare were eventually invalidated or repealed (good chance of going either way), there’ll still be massive overspending with entitlements and over taxation. Let’s get started on saving this Republic. Thanks for listening.