A Different Approach

Recently a federal judge ruled parts of Utah’s anti-polygamy law unconstitutional. It’s given the idea to expand the whole marriage conversation. My position on marriage leaving government out of the matter. When I say that I’m not specifically talking about pulling government out, I mean literally as a couple of any sort refusing government recognition or aid.

I’m personally surprised more libertarians haven’t espoused this, but maybe this diary will get this proposal on track. Aren’t we as libertarians and conservatives somewhat hypocritical when at one turn want government out of our lives and then ask government for welfare subsidies – oops – I mean benefits to fund and recognize our marriages?

As human beings, we’re all guilty of hypocrisy to some limited extent at least. But this area goes beyond mind boggling. If we wanna convert more people to the liberty movement then we should try living more consistently within the philosophy we preach. Now I’m not against marriage in of itself at all. Marriage (in the traditional sense yes) generally makes people happier and has many social and health benefits. What I’m opposed to is the marriage state.

Though since it won’t be abolished any time soon, I suggest take a page out from opt-out-of-Obamacare playbook and implement with marriage. Refuse government recognition and take yourself out of the system entirely. If I ever get married, I’ll implement that strategy myself. Any form of government aid is appalling in my eyes. I’m talking to everybody gay, straight or otherwise here. DON’T MAKE YOURSELF COMPLIANT  TOWARD GOVERNMENT.

The current system is an absolute insult to everybody. The only people who benefit are those in power in DC. It’s admittedly very tough to fully opt out with the ginormous size of this current government, but it’s possible to execute. The more you civilly disobey government, the weaker and more exposed of how pathetic this government becomes. This is what genuine marriage freedom looks like. Please take into consideration what I’m saying here. Thanks for listening.