The Fight Shall Go On!

Well the GOP House just voted for another end-of-the-year shit sandwich deal. Surprisingly only 62 of the Republican conference voted no (including my own Jim Bridenstine which I very much appreciate). Now Boehner is gearing to move on to immigration for next year after the primary fights are over and done with. His speakership by this point is pretty much done with after the 2014 midterms. I do think in the end they’ll be forced to back off of immigration due to the overwhelming grassroots uprising in the primaries coming up.

Another thing I was surprised to see is that all three top Senate Republicans Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn (who are facing strong primary challengers) and John Thune all announced their opposing it. I don’t expect them to vigorously fight it like they did Mike Lee and Ted Cruz during the Obamacare shutdown fight, but still I was a little shocked. Based on the overwhelming vote in the House, it’ll sure pass the Senate. But never fear and NEVER lose hope cause the primaries are coming up.

Several of the top congressional Republicans John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn most recently face vigorous challengers. Eric Gurr with Boehner, Matt Bevin with McConnell and Rep. Steve Stockman (who voted against the budget) with Cornyn. Course there’s many Democrat-held seats to target as well (personally the minimum aim should be a net of 8 seats). I’ve done four diaries talking about the various Senate races by region which you can look at if you so wish.

In total, 5 Senate Republicans are facing challengers (the others being the dreaded Lindsey Graham, Thad Cochran and Lamar Alexander). Then there’s two open Republican seats in Nebraska held by currently Mike Johanns and Georgia by Saxby Chambliss. In Nebraska, there’s Ben Sasse and Shane Osborn running separately endorsed by the big three pro-liberty groups (Sasse by Club and SCF and Osborn by FreedomWorks). Based on that, either are perfect choices for next Senator from Nebraska.

In Georgia, it’s a crowded field so there’s likely to be runoff. But three of the candidates members of Congress which are Jack Kingston, Phil Gingrey and Paul Broun. Gingrey and Broun are very solid, but Kingston I’d advise watching out for. I don’t remember the details, but Broun was very critical of him on Obamacare. So either Broun or Gingrey are the best choices (Broun was endorsed by Ron Paul which most definitely says something about him).

There’s also plenty of fresh targets for primaries in the House as well the most of which being of course Speaker Boehner. But there’s also my most disliked neo-con in the House Peter King of NY-02, Mike Simpson of ID and plenty others to be sure. Keep your eye pealed for potential incumbents that need to be primaried out. The House as is has been better much better than the Senate, but the recent budget deal shows that it to be further solidified with pro-liberty candidates. Get involved in your local district and field a candidate to the incumbent if he/she isn’t solid or solid for your taste. The more Justin Amashes, Jim Bridenstines and Thomas Massies there are the better.

ALERT: (hat tip to Dick Morris for this information) Tomorrow there’s a crucial vote tomorrow on gun control having to due with the Small Arms Treaty. Bit of background, the Small Arms Treaty was approved by the UN last year the day after Obama was reelected. Coincidence? Earlier the summer that year, Hillary Clinton was planning to sign it but backed after a majority of Senators expressed opposition. Then right after he took over, John Kerry went ahead and signed it. What this treaty would do in effect is bypass the 2nd amendment and be the achievement gun control happy leftists have been dreaming for years. Now treaties typically need presidential approval or ratification in the Senate to take effect, but cause of the Vienna Convention the treaty doesn’t need outright approval from the Senate to take effect. Meaning that Democratic Senators don’t have to put their political lives on the line. But my Senator Jim Inhofe has inserted a provision in an appropriations bill which bars all funding to the treaty for the coming year and I highly doubt Democrat Senators are risk their political careers by allowing the treaty to take effect. It bars it from taking it effect for a year so that means it’ll take a Republican Senate to forever kill it. But please email and call your Senators right away and tell them to vote for this so the treaty doesn’t take effect. The 2nd amendment depends on it.

Don’t ever lose your hope. Keep this fight for liberty going on as long as humanly possible. We WILL win this out in the end. It just takes faith, hope and a lot of effort to accomplish it. Remember this.