The Republican Party Will Survive

The question of the GOP surviving is always asked every time they do something moronic like trying to surrender before the start of a fight or such. Obamacare and the shutdown is a good example. While I do think it unfair how otherwise excellent Senators and/or Representatives were treated for disagreeing on the particular Obamacare strategy, it’s never smart to surrender before the next fight begins. The old crop in leadership like Boehner and McConnell are more more willing to surrender and get nothing rather than fight to win.

Which is why it’s important to support their challenger Eric Gurr in OH-08 and Matt Bevin in KY. Also Lindsey Graham has a slew of challengers most prominent of which are Nancy Mace endorsed by a tea party group and state Senator Lee Bright who I support.Thad Cochran the pork guy of Mississippi has a challenger in state Senator Chris McDaniel endorsed by FreedomWorks. Our mission as Jeffersonians is to elect as many pro-liberty candidates as possible and 2014 is a perfect opportunity to do so.

As is, the GOP has been transformed tremendously with the likes of Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Justin Amash. There’s others too, but these guys are the most prominent of the pro-liberty movement. The House GOP caucus is pretty decent as is, but there’s a number of cronies like Mike Simpson of ID-02 who’s got a Club For Growth endorsed challenger. The GOP will ultimately survive and transform into a quasi libertarian hybrid political party.

The old crop likes of Lindsey Graham and John McCain won’t last longer than 5 years. Maybe that’s the reason why McCain called Rand, Cruz and Amash wacko birds cause he and others know the likes of them are growing out of their control. Never lose hope for this country. Even I have to remind myself that every day. Remember and remind yourself always that. (Note: I can’t post comments.)