Rundown: Control of the Senate part 2 (UPDATE)

In part 1 (which you can find in my stack of diaries and look at my original conclusion of all Senate races), I looked at the South and the status of races. Most interesting were Arkansas, Louisiana and Georgia. Now we look at the Northeast races.

The Northeast


Chris Coons was elected to fill out the rest Joe’s old term and should have no worries in winning a full term. Safe D


Now one of only 3 Republican-held seats in this region (along with PA and NH), Sue Collins an old styled Rockefellerite has no worries. She’s got a Democratic opponent in Shenna Bellows a former head of the Maine ACLU, but she polls far ahead of every Democratic opponent (GOP Governor Paul LePage is a different story but that’s for another time). Safe R


Ed Markey despite having difficulty winning the first time, should be in shape for a full term in 2014. The Republican who polls best is Scott Brown (though he’s aiming for NH which we’ll get to), but other than that he’s walking away. Safe D

New Hampshire

Scott Brown may well be aiming another shot at politics through challenging Jeanne Shaheen who of late has been panicking over Obamacare troubles and pissed off constituents who’ve seen double premiums and/or insurance cancellations. My personal candidate as I’ve said before is former state Senator Jim Rubens. He’s practically a full fledged libertarian which is what we need in a political chamber with cronies and frauds. Jeanne Shaheen should be worried regardless who her opponent is. Lean D/tossup

New Jersey

Cory Booker despite greatly under-performing his showing back in October, should have another term since Lonegan has declined to run again. All that despite being a very poor candidate. Likely D

Ultimately the only interesting race to watch here is NH. But we’ll get to real thick meat in the next segment with the Midwest. (Note: I can’t post comments.)